The Advantages of PVC Pipes in Building and Construction

The Advantages of PVC Pipes in Building and Construction

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PVC or polyvinyl chloride is one of the most versatile choices for various applications in many areas, including construction industry. PVC pipes are inherently strong, lightweight, flexible, easy to handle and economic. Along with all these qualities, their long-lifespan and recyclability make them the prime economic option for residential as well as commercial building construction projects.

Are you looking for the perfect plumbing and wiring materials for indoor or outdoor applications in your construction project? Let’s help you know more about PVC pipes and their benefits in construction industry.

Benefits of PVC pipes in construction

  1. Strength: PVC pipes are strong and hardy pipes. Along with good mechanical strength they have high abrasion resistance. Forget worries about damages during transport and installation with PVC pipes.
  2. Lightweight: It’s one of the biggest advantages of PVC pipes compared to alternative materials used for piping. Less weight means lower cost of transportation and lower labour charges. At the same time, the work goes faster as a single person can handle a large piece of pipe easily.
  3. Variety of sizes: Renowned brands like Ori-Plast are manufacturing PVC pipes in a wide range of diameters and sizes to meet every construction needs. Are you looking for indoor sink drain lines or as outdoor garden hose pipe or a bigger dimension for other plumbing or wiring needs? Ori-Plast PVC pipes has it covered along with their compatible fittings.
  4. Leak-proof joints: When you use Ori-Plast ‘sure tight’ solvent cement along with their PVC pipes and fittings, you get completely leak-proof settings without any hassles at all.
  5. Flexibility: Ori-Plast presents pipes for every domestic requirement that have superior resistance to fracture. Need an outdoor pipe for external installation or concealed wiring? Check out Ori-Plast uPVC pipes (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride). Need pipes to carry hot/cold water? Try Ori-Plastc PVC pipes (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride). Looking for piping solutions for underground applications where soil movement of vibrations are anticipated? Enjoy the advantage of Ori-Plast PVC-O pipes that can deliver excellent performance even under up-to 25 bars pressure.
  6. Easy to install: The common factor in each of these lightweight PVC pipes is that they’re super easy to install. You can cut, weld or join them easily in your required shape and still expect the same performance as ever.
  7. Long lifespan with zero maintenance: Ori-Plast pipes have expected service life of over 50 years with minimal to zero cost of maintenance.
  8. Non-toxic, safe material: Chemical inertness of PVC ensures it’s safe and non-toxic material for transporting drinking water.
  9. Fire resistant: PVC pipes are not flammable and don’t continue to burn without an external source of ignition.
  10. Corrosion resistant: Unlike the alternative pipe materials, PVC doesn’t get corroded when exposed to harsh chemicals or UV rays. This makes them perfect choice as drainage/SWR pipes, outdoor plumbing solutions etc.
  11. Bio-form resistant: Ori-Plast PVC pipes are bio-form resistant. Hence, chances of the water getting contaminated or microbes festering from within the pipe are almost negligible.

To sum it up, no matter the nature of construction work, relying on high-quality PVC pipes can make a huge difference in your project, thanks to the many benefits they offer. So, when you need water-tight quality with superior performance, trust the best — choose Ori-Plast.


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