Ori-Plast tributes Rashmi’s battle for respect, honour and identity as a record-breaking athlete

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Ori-Plast tributes Rashmi’s battle for respect, honour and identity as a record-breaking athlete

From the salt marshes of Kutch to gold-winning performances on international tracks, Rashmi’s journey has never been easy. Hindrances dotted her path and almost succeeded in stifling her dreams. But she never let that happen. Rashmi Rocket, due for release on October 15th, 2021, tells the story of an athlete triumphing over obstacles in life with toughness and grit. Ori-Plast is delighted to announce its association with Rashmi Rocket. The film resonates with Ori-Plast’s corporate vision of and commitment to raising the standards and allegiance to communities.

About Rashmi & her journey

This hard-hitting movie draws its inspiration from the lives of thousands of female athletes in India who are forced to carry extra burdens on their shoulders to prove their talent, earn respect, honour and establish an identity in the field. Rashmi represents them. From humble origins, as a daughter of a local tour guide, she faced and survived every challenge in her life with tremendous physical toughness and mental grit. The story of her journey takes us through life in the salt flats of Kutch and social patriarchies to power labyrinths of national and international sports.

Versatile actress Tapsee Pannu has impeccably portrayed Rashmi’s internal and external struggles in the film along with a powerful ensemble of Priyanshu Painyulli and Aparshakti Khurana. The music is composed by Amit Trivedi. The film is directed by renowned theatre personality and Hindi movie industry veteran Akasrh Khurana.

About Ori-Plast

Ori-Plast Ltd is a pioneer in PVC plumbing pipes manufacturing in India with a brand identity of ‘Life Lines … not just Pipe Lines’. For the last five decades, the Company has been delivering superior quality piping solutions to millions of homes, industries and farmers. Their entire range of products conforms to National and International Standards as well as commercial market demands. Driven by a futuristic vision, Ori-Plast aggressively invests in high-end technologies to confront upcoming challenges. Ori-Plast’s success is not just limited to businesses and commerce. It advocates human development, inspires broader participation from different walks of life, and channels corporate resources towards social initiatives like environment-friendly business practices, water conservation, hygiene and sanitation, and women empowerment.


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