How to choose the most effective PVC Connectors according to plumbers & fabricators?

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Are you planning to cut corners and use cheap quality PVC connectors and fittings in your plumbing project? Better not do it. Compromises on PVC connectors can be devastating. In this article, we have tried to understand the characteristics of effective PVC connectors from the perspective of experienced plumbers and fabricators. You cannot make any mistake with suitable quality connectors and fittings.

What purpose do pipe connectors serve?

There are different types of pipe and tube connectors, fittings like Collar, Elbow, Gasket, Union, Reducer, Tee, Nipple, Trap. Each of these fittings serves specific purposes in a plumbing job. Some of the Aren’t we know that very well? Let’s have a look.

  • Pipe connectors and fittings help to adapt to different shapes and sizes of pipings and tubes.
  • They manipulate water flow (or other fluids) to change direction and distribution through the plumbing system.
  • In any plumbing work, piping joints and bends withstand a heavy water pressure load; connectors stand up to the pressure and prevent leakages.
  • Connectors and fittings help to lay pipes in hard to reach places, narrow corners and planes with curvatures where you cannot fit in straight pipes.
  • Pipe fittings also help distribute and carry pipes’ weight to an extent in a vertical plumbing system.
The quality of PVC connectors

In any market, you can find a socket, a ball valve, a 3-way PVC connector or any other fittings of different brands, material qualities, design and finesse. Usually, we often do not spend enough time enquiring about their features and characteristics. The quality of PVC connectors and fittings can make or break your plumbing work. Let’s have a look at the essential qualities of any suitable PVC connector.

  • Material quality - Connectors can be made of various PVC materials like cPVC and uPVC with different strengths, durabilities, and advantages. Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride or cPVC fittings are suitable for both hot and cold water. On the other hand, un-plasticised PVC or uPVC pipes and fittings offer high tensile and impact strength for better longevity.
  • Pressure and temperature bearing capabilities - The connectors and fittings with better pressure and temperature bearing capacity increase plumbing work’s overall longevity across seasons.
  • Low thermal contraction and expansion - PVC connectors should also match the thermal extension and contraction of attached PVC pipes and tubes. Otherwise, piping work receives unnecessary stress due to daily and seasonal variations in temperature.
  • Fast and easy installation - Consistent, reliable design and finishing of pipe connectors are essential, making installation work easier and less labour-intensive. PVC Connectors and fittings with better finishing also require less solvent cement, reducing the project’s total cost.
  • Low maintenance requirements - Your chosen PVC connectors and fittings should not require regular upkeep and maintenance as it inflates the lifetime ownership costs of plumbing work.
Ori-Plast PVC connectors and fittings

Ori-Plast is an established brand in PVC plumbing solutions for its commitment to quality, technological prowess and consistent innovations. Along with PVC pipes and storage solutions, Ori-Plast offers various PVC pipe fittings and connectors. Some of the popular Ori-Plast connectors product ranges include,

  • cPVC pipe fittings
  • uPVC pipe fittings
  • SWR pipe fittings
  • PERT pipe fittings
  • Connectors for drip irrigation systems

Check Ori-Plast Sockets, Tee, Elbow, Bush, Ball valve, or other PVC connectors and fittings for your plumbing job. They are always the preferred choice of reputable plumbers and fabricators for quality, durability and long term sustainability. Never settle for less. Get the best value for your money only with Ori-Plast.


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