How the Use of Water Storage Tank Can Benefit Irrigation

How the Use of Water Storage Tank Can Benefit Irrigation

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With global warming causing long and unpredictably dry growing seasons, access to water is a rising problem in some parts of India. Drinking water, irrigation, or livestock water for animals has become a growing concern. Many farmers and agriculturalists are reviewing their irrigation systems to protect their crops. Fortunately, LLDPE water tanks can help you offset such dry spells and benefit irrigation.

Why Use Water Tank for Irrigation?

Irrigation tanks have been an age-old tradition in India. Water storage tanks are filled with natural water resources like rainfall and then stored to be used for mainly agricultural purposes, and also for domestic and other uses.

As the country is grappling with ground water depletion and erratic monsoon, tank water harvesting has become vital for industries like agriculture, food processing or construction.

As a leading LLDPE water tank manufacturer, Ori-Plast provides hygienic and durable water storage solutionsthat help users take advantage of tank water irrigation.

Benefits of Tank Water Irrigation

Tank water irrigation offers a host of benefits including replenishing groundwater levels, supplying drinking water to rural communities and domestic animals, protecting top soil and harboring fish. Let’s delve deeper into the benefits.

  • Groundwater replenishment Water storage tanks can substantially replenish groundwater in drought-prone areas which otherwise depend on well irrigation.
  • Hydrological balance By using tank and well irrigation in conjunction, you can achieve an enhanced hydrological equilibrium
  • Bumper crop production Tank irrigation can benefit both landowners and laborers because farm activities are no longer dependent on seasonal rainfall; with water available for perennial irrigation, farming continues all year round, leading to more crop production.
  • Benefits for small farmers The benefits of tank irrigation encourage small farmers to invest more in water storage tanks, due to the sustainability and high returns they provide.
  • Other benefits Tank water also serves other essential needs like supplying drinking water, livestock rearing and harboring fish.
LLDPE Tank or Plastic Water Storage Tank

In recent years, plastic water tanks are increasingly being used for home use as well as for irrigation and commercial purposes. Plastic tanks are preferred over cement tanks or steel tanks because they cost less and are lightweight. Plus, high quality plastic tanks are non-toxic and do not interfere with the taste and odor of the water stored in them.

Some tanks react when exposed continuously to sunlight, but FDA approved polyethylene resins that constitute plastics, are safe to store food and water.

Ori-Plast utilizes latest technological innovations to design the LLDPE water tanks that are made from Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE).

Ori-Plast water tanks come in multiple layers with foam filled between the layers both on inside and outside. The layers prevent heat transmission, thereby ensuring that the water stored remains cooler than the external temperature. These tanks boast of excellent storage capacity, hygienic water storage and cost effectiveness. A preferred choice of users far and wide, LLDPE water tanks are leak proof and resistant to corrosion and chemicals.

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