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cPVC Pipes, Fittings & Solvent Cement

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride or cPVC is modern age thermoplastic material which is produced by chlorination of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. cPVC is the result of new technology that ensures increased products toughness year round. cPVC Pipes & Fittings of Ori-Plast are ideal solution for complete water supply system. It is best described as a ‘Fit & Forget’ system with zero maintenance. Used in Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Educational Institutions. Swimming Pools etc. that require hygienic and uncontaminated supply of water as well as in industries – chemical factories & plants. Widely used for indoor application for both cold & hot water supply. When used with Ori-Plast ‘sure tight’ solvent cement, ensures zero leakage. Service life of cPVC Pipes & Fittings are more than 50 years.

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Features & Benefits


• Proven hot water operating temperature upto 82 degree ˚C
• Manufactured from environment friendly virgin cPVC Compounds
• Unique designs
• Extremely light weight and hence, are easy to carry and install
• Exceptional all weather corrosion resistance
• No scaling or pitting maintains flow
• Does not support combustion
• UV resistance
• Ensures pressure and temperature bearing capability unaffected
even after long term exposure
• Low thermal expansion/contraction and absorb vibration
• High impact resistance
• Fast and easy installation
• Consistent and reliable jointing
• Very low lifetime ownership cost


• The Pipes & Fittings are highly affordable alternative to both Copper & GI Piping system and reduces the overall cost as well as the maintenance cost over service life for the house owners
• Safe for drinking water & human health
• Corrosion free regardless of pH level in water. Thus, these pipes & fittings are highly popular in places with more aggressive soil or water and in concealed plumbing
• Low microbial growth
• Heat loss is much less in compared to metallic pipes, thereby, making these pipes more energy efficient water supply system
• Due to thinner outer surface, the inside diameter is bigger, hence, these pipes carry more water under similar conditions


• Individual residential units
• Large residential complexes
• Commercial buildings
• Hotels & Hospitals
• Swimming pools
• RO & DM water plants
• Industrial Applications (based on chemical resistance chart)

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