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Ori-Plast has vast experience in manufacturing uPVC pipes for multi-functional uses including plumbing, that led us to come out with another unique solution to an immediate commissioning of a pipeline post installation. The system is referred to as uPVC CAM-LOCK joints. The pipes that were developed with this joining system are as per ASTM D 1785 standard. Presently these pipes are available with regular Ori-Plast blue and white lead free materials.

Ori-Plast’s uPVC Cam-Lock pipes provide a restrained joint by utilizing precision machined grooves on both spigot and socket ends of a pipe. When the spigot end goes in to the socket end, the grooves align to allow a spline (a nylon rope) to be inserted through the annular hole resulting in a fully circumferential restrained joint that locks the pipes properly. There are two elastomeric sealing rings in the socket end of the pipe to provide hydraulic seal to the joint.

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Cam-Lock Pipes

Cam-Lock Pipes (Sch 40 & Sch 80)



• Ori-Plasts Cam-Lock uPVC pipes are fast, simple and reliable which do not require solvent cement & any other majortools.
• The pipes can withstand very high pressure (refer to the dimensional chartatthe end).
• The time of installation is comparatively lesser than other conventional systems.
• The pipeline can be commissioned immediately after installation.
• Thrust blocking arrangement is not required since there is allowance for accommodation of movement.
• Alignmentwhile installation is better than other systems.
• The joint can be easily disassembled allowing for system changes and re-use of entire system in another place.


• Supply lines to over head reservoir from pump set in highrise buildings.
• Above the ground pressure lines.
• Buried pressure lines.
• Industrial piping.
• Slurry disposal lines.

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