9 common customer expectations from a uPVC and cPVC pipe manufacturer

9 common customer expectations from a uPVC and cPVC pipe manufacturer

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Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe is commonly known as cPVC pipe. It is a plumbing material made of highly durable thermoplastic. cPVC Pipes are widely used in building construction, outpacing ordinary polyvinyl, metal and copper alternatives.

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is commonly known as uPVC pipe. It contains plasticizers such as BPA and phthalates. These components make the material more flexible. uPVC is also called rigid plastic at times.

Difference between uPVC and cPVC

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is one of the world’s most widely produced synthetic polymers. While manufacturing PVC, plasticizers are added to make it easy to bend and to make it more flexible.

But sometimes PVC is made without adding plasticizers to obtain a hard, rigid material,l this, becomes uPVC. Sometimes PVC is chlorinated using free radical chlorination to obtain cPVC. It has more improved properties than both PVC and uPVC.

The main difference between uPVC and cPVC is that uPVC is made without adding plasticizers whereas CPVC is made by adding plasticizers and it is chlorinated as well.

Uses of UPVC AND CPVC pipes

UPVC uses:
  1. Used in water supply systems
  2. Used for transporting chemicals like chlorides in industries
  3. Can be used as ventilation pipes and in electrical system structure.
  4. They can be used to transport crude oil because of their anti-corrosive feature.
CPVC uses:
  1. It is used for drinking water supply easily
  2. It can be used to carry high temperature liquid.
  3. It is widely used for water plumbing activities.
Important factors to keep in mind while buying UPVC and CPVC pipes
    • Fluid type

Depending on where the location is, the water/fluid going through your pipes may or may not be corrosive. Acidity of the fluid should also be checked properly.

    • Sunlight

Long exposure of Sunlight (U-V rays) can damage the pipes. In this case, cPVC is more useful than uPVC because it can handle high temperatures.

    • Warranty Period

The warranty period defines the durability and lifespan of the pipes. Generally uPVC and cPVC provide over 15 years of warranty and terms of the warranty should be clarified before-hand.

    • Locking mechanism

Superior locking mechanisms reflect better quality and efficiency. A premium uPVC/cPVC won’t be manufactured with a cheap locking system.

9 common customer’s expectations from a uPVC and cPVC pipe manufacturer

    1. Durability of product

This is one of the most common factors customers look for from a cpvc and upvc pipe fitting manufacturer. The product needs to be durable and perfect for long term use.

    1. Anti-corrosive property

It is important for pipes to be corrosion free. If not, it makes the water impure and unusable. Thus, frequent installation of pipes will be needed.

    1. Value for money

Pipes should be cost effective. Cpvc and upvc manufacturer should set the charges properly. But again cheap quality pipes are not at all recommended. The cost of the pipes should be at per with the quality.

    1. Well made locks and other fittings

The locks and fittings must be durable. Upvc and cpvc pipe fitting manufacturer should be a redound one. A good lock and fitting gives a long term assurance.

    1. No leakage

Leakage free pipes are highly desired. To avoid such hassles one should buy cpvc and upvc pipes from a trusted manufacturer.

    1. Good Customer Service

While or after buying product, a good customer service builds customers’ faith on the brand. It is important to check with the manufacturer about the customer service while or before making the pipes.

    1. Quality assessment

Quality comes with trust. Buying pipes and fittings from a trusted manufacturer is always recommended. A trusted cpvc upvc manufacturer would never compromise with the quality.

    1. Support by adequately trained plumbers

A manufacturer may or may not provide plumber support. It is always better if a manufacturer provides plumber support. If not, always go for experienced plumbers.

    1. An anti-back flow device is to be made to avoid air gap in the pipes

Lastly, it is important to have anti-back flow devices in pipes. Manufacturers should provide the same to avoid further hassle after the installation of the pipes.


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