Top Benefits of Using UPVC Pipes for Your Borewell

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Borewells are a major source of household potable water in India; after the agricultural revolution, borewell usage has significantly increased for irrigational purposes. Depending on the level of the local aquifer, quality of soil-rock and usage pattern, the functional longevity of a borewell varies. However, UPVC borewell casing pipes have proved the most effective for wells drawing drinking and agricultural water–the better value for your money.

The Best Casing Pipe For Borewell

Casing pipes serve specific purposes in borewells, and they are an essential investment. There have been many technical studies, and all of them indicate that the material for borewell casing pipes must have specific characteristics.

  • Non-porous, reliable stiffness
  • High hydrostatic collapse pressure
  • Zero toxicity
  • Minimal electro-conductive
  • Minimal chemical reaction
  • Minimal chances of microbial growth
  • Easy to handle and transport
  • High zero-maintenance functional life

According to industry reports and customer satisfaction reviews, UPVC or Unplasticized PVC pipes meet the complete checklist.

Why UPVC pipes are the best casing pipe for borewells?

UPVC pipes are durable and long-lasting.

UPVC pipes use unplasticised polyvinyl (PVC), making them particularly stiff and long-lasting even under consistent stress and pressure. Extremely high hydrostatic collapse pressure makes UPVC suitable for borewell casing pipes across varieties of soil-rock formations and water pressure. UPVC pipes last long, so you won't have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. Quality UPVC pipes can often have more than 100 years of service life.

UPVC is leak-proof as a material.

Water is essential for human survival and gets contaminated easily if not taken care of properly. Contamination occurs when sub-surface water enters the borewell and affects the quality of the water. UPVC is non-porous. So, using UPVC pipes is a great way to keep your borewell clean by preventing any contamination from occurring. If you want your borewell to be in good shape for a long time, then you should invest in some durable and long-lasting UPVC pipes!.

UPVC pipes are resistant to chemical and electrochemical reactions.

One of the biggest challenges of casing pipes for borewells is the chemical composition of rock-soil and consistent contact with groundwater. Minerals in the soil-rock often react with casing materials in the presence of oxidisers like water and cause corrosion. UPVC is resistant to corrosion as it is not susceptible to chemical and electrochemical reactions. So, you can rest assured in all types of soil-rock conditions and enjoy safe water for drinking and irrigational usages.

UPVC pipes are cost-effective

Although you can buy cheap casing pipes for your borewell, those will not be as durable as well-built quality UPVC pipes. It's essential to invest in a long-lasting product that will help provide water for your household and farming usages. Despite high stiffness and material strength, UPVC is lightweight. It makes UPVC pipes easy to transport, handle and install, saving time, effort and money. Installation is quick and easy.


Casing pipe in borewell is an essential component and involves a significant investment. So, it is wise to choose only the quality UPVC pipes from reputed and branded PVC pipes manufacturers. You can always consult with experts. Ori-Plast, a reputable brand of borewell casing pipe manufacturers in India, offers unbiased expert consultation for all your borewell related queries. Call Ori-Plast today.


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