Cactus30 celebrates Cactus on its 30th anniversary

By oriplast |  August 30, 2022 |  No comments |  963 views

What does the word ‘cactus’ remind you? To many of us, it is the sign of life in the middle of vast aridness and the most challenging places to survive on Earth. It is the symbol of triumphing over obstacles. Never say die. What an appropriate name for a Bangla band which is completing its 30 years, the three long decades of the musical journey of Bangla and Bangalis. Yes, we are talking about Cactus-the band. It started mesmerising millions of Bangla rock lovers way back in 1992, and this 2022 we are celebrating the Band’s 30th anniversary. Cactus30! Cactus-30 is a 4-day long celebration happening from 24th till 27th August. 30 bangla bands will perform at Triguna Sen Auditorium, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Everyday performance will start from 12 noon and continue till 8 in the evening. The grandest celebration will happen on 27th evening at Nazrul Mancha, Kolkata from 6 in the evening. Just to rekindle your curiosity, 30 music industry celebrities like Rupam Islam, Anupam Ray, Usha Uthupp, Tanmoy Bose, Lakhichara, Amyt Dutta, Raghav Chatterjee will grace the stage. Along with these music industry hotshots, you will also witness musical performance of 30 HIV-infected children. The life of these children will remind you the humongous struggle a cactus plant survives in an open desert. Let us all awaken to the unequal battle every HIV-infected child faces from the very beginning of their life and take an oath to hold their hands in their lives’ struggle. Following the spirit of celebration of life, Ori-Plast has come forward already to make the event a grant success. The musical celebration is powered by Ori-Plast– ‘Life Lines … not just Pipe Lines’.


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