uPVC column pipes for submersible pumps

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Submersible pumps are the reliable and energy-efficient option for extracting groundwater from deep boreholes for uninterrupted residential, commercial and municipal water supplies. In places with a fluctuating groundwater table depth, multistage submersible pumps fitted to good quality column pipes are essential. Column pipes hold the weight of the pump assembly, high-pressure water flow, thermal shocks and operational stress. Everyone who owns a borewell understands how necessary column pipes are for submersible pumps.

Essential qualities of a column pipe

Column pipes fitted to submersible pumps in any borewell must have the following qualities for efficient and value for money groundwater extraction.

  • Chemical resistance - Groundwater can have different minerals and salts that corrode column pipes carrying the water. It affects pipe longevity and operational efficiency. So, column pipe material should be resistant to chemical and electrochemical reactions to prevent chances of corrosion.
  • Leak-proof threading - The locking mechanism to join column pipes should be reliable to avoid chances of leakage of fluid or seepage of contaminants from outside. Improper threads designed and manufactured with poor quality materials are often the primary reason behind damage to borewell column pipes.
  • Durability - Extracting groundwater from deep borewells causes considerable stress to pipes, considering the pump’s heat, water pressure and continuous operational shocks. So, column pipes have to be strong and durable for zero-maintenance longevity.
  • Easy installation - Heavyweight column pipes are not easy to transport and install, particularly in remote geographies. It requires a longer time to complete the project and increased labour cost. So, column pipe material should be strong without unnecessarily increasing the tonnage.
  • Broader applicability - Usability of column pipes for a wide range of applications reduces the need for customisation and scalability, cutting down the overall project cost.
Why uPVC column pipes for submersible pumps are the best choice?

Unplasticised PVC is a rigid thermoplastic polymer that offers unmatched benefits for manufacturing column pipes. Some of the salient characteristics of UPVC pipes are,

  • High thermal resistance
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Inert to chemical and electrochemical reactions
  • High strength rigidity and
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Non-porous with zero chance of brittle

The above characteristics of UPVC thermoplastic make it the best fit for high submersible stress column pipes.

Why choose UPVC submersible column pipes?

As a top category PVC plumbing products brand, Ori-Plast designs and manufactures the best quality UPVC column pipes for submersible pumps. The salient features of Ori-Plast UPVC column pipes make them the best choice for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

  • The smooth inner surface of Ori-Plast UPVC column pipes minimises the chance of sedimentation, microbial growth and allows uninterrupted, high-pressure flow of water and other fluids.
  • Lead-free UPVC material prevents contamination of water with lead and other heavy metals.
  • Stringent quality checking offers fault-free performance even in high-stress conditions.
  • Competitive and flexible pricing make Ori-Plast UPVC column pipes suitable for projects of all sizes and scales.
  • Our nationwide distribution network ensures pre-sales and post-sales support and trusted customer servicing.

So, are you searching UPVC column pipes for submersible pumps price list? Call Ori-Plast. Our customer service representative will be happy to serve.


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