How to Select a Chrome Plated (CP) PVC Bath Fitting and Fixture

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Bathroom fixtures are an essential part of your home’s design and can make or break a space. When you have the right combination of style, function, and aesthetics, time in the bathroom will feel like a retreat. But if you don’t have the right fittings and fixtures to complete the look, then it may not. A chrome-plated bath fitting can dress up any bathroom with its understated beauty. The material is also durable enough to stand up against constant exposure to moisture and soap scum. In short, chrome-plated bath fitting is worth investing in. But how would you choose the best quality CP bath fittings without compromising aesthetics and value for money? This article answers.

What is Chrome Plating?

Chrome plating involves electroplating on any material with a thin layer of chromium. However, PVC polymers do not react to electroplating, so PVC core fittings are first dipped in chrome sulfur or palladium chloride bath. It etches the initial metal layer. Then, the polymer core object is electroplated. The bright finish of chrome makes any thing a better polished and modern look and feel and offers protection against elements. It is especially applicable to bath fittings and fixtures. Ori-Plast is one of the top brands in India with chrome-plates bath fittings and fixtures.

Benefits of a Chrome-Plated bath fitting:

      Durable - Chrome-plated bath fittings are durable and can withstand exposure to moisture and soap scum. It will remain clean and beautiful for many years.
      Easy to Clean - Unlike other finishes on the market, chrome-plated PVC is easy to clean. You won’t need to waste much time to get it to look brand new again.
      Lightweight - Chrome-plated PVC fittings are lightweight, making them easy to move and install.
      Beautiful Finish - Chrome plating won’t chip or fade over time as many other finishes do. It means you don’t have to worry about replacing fittings soon.

Choosing a Chrome-Plated Bath Fitting

Before you head out to the store or order online, it’s crucial to know how to choose the right quality CP bath fittings. Here are some of the factors that you should consider.

Style - Not all chrome-plated fittings are made the same. Some are of a classical style, while others are modern and neo-modern. If you want your bathroom to stand out, you must pay close attention to which style of fitting you choose. Top brands offer CP bath fittings in different style categories. Take the example of Ori-Plast CP bath fittings; we offer CP fittings in styles like PLUSH, NEO, GALAXY and CHROMA. Each of these categories has a different appeal.

Installation - CP bath fittings are luxury products. Top brands like Ori-Plast offer the highest quality fit and finish; however, you must also be careful while installing these fittings. Hire only skilled experts to install these fittings.

Cost - Chrome-plated bathroom fittings from top brands are expensive compared to regular fittings, but that does not mean you have to compromise on value for money. Check Ori-Plast’s range of competitively priced CP bath fittings.


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