How Polymer Pipes are Stronger Than Metal Ones

How Polymer Pipes are Stronger Than Metal Ones

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Whether you are upgrading your plumbing system or planning the next plumbing project, it’s important to choose the right type of pipe for the job. It is becoming more common to replace metal water pipes by polymer pipes due to the many advantages of plastic over metal. Let us find out what makes Polymer pipes, more commonly known as PVC pipes,stronger and more popular than metal pipes. Polymer pipes are most commonly made of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a combination of plastic and vinyl. There are also CPVC (chlorinatedpolyvinyl chloride) piping, PERT (polyethylene-raised temperature) and others to choose from. The safety, durability, cost efficiency and recyclability of polymer piping have made it a preferred choice for various piping applications ranging from drinking water transportation, to drainage systems to fire sprinkler solutions.

Advantages of Using Plastic Pipes over Metals Pipes

The word “plastic” mean pliable, or something that can be easily shaped. This property of plastics and numerous other features make it a valuable raw material for the piping industry.


Polymer pipes are a safe choice for transporting clean, healthy drinking water. These pipes offer high degree of inertness and resistance to corrosion, which makes them free from bio-film contamination that leads to bacterial growth.

Besides, there are risks like accidents and injuries involved in manufacturing metal parts. Plastic, being comparatively softer and smoother, is safer and easily moldable.


The expected lifespan of an underground polymer pipe can extend over 100 years. One of the main reasons for such longer life is the ability of plastics to withstand physical, chemical, environmental and weather attacks. Metals, on the other hand, are highly prone to chemical and weather attacks –one of the key reasons why plastic pipes are preferred over metal pipes.

Cost Efficiency

PVC pipes are the most cost effective choices compared to other piping materials. The cost to purchase, install, maintain and operate is significantly lower than metals. Home owners and industries can safely choose plastic pipes for their piping needs.


Plastic pipes are much more light weight than their metal counterparts, weighing ten times less than steel. Reducing part weight is one the major concerns of any industry. Replacing heavy metal pipes can be a major, expensive operation.

Environment Friendly

Since polymer is a low carbon plastic, PVC have definite environmental advantages over other materials. Polymer pipes are more efficient to manufacture in terms of energy consumption, and are non toxic, which helps the environment.

Metal pipes are susceptible to leakage, which leads to water loss and ultimately higher water bills. Plastic water pipes can help conserve water through reduced leakage.


The biggest advantage of plastic over metals is that plastic can be recycled. Polymer pipes can be melted and reused several times, while metal pipes once damaged must be discarded and replaced.

Faster Manufacturing

Plastics can be easily manufactured in comparison to metals. Shorter production cycle contributes to higher cost efficiency.

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