7 Tips May Help You to Refurbish Your Bathroom Makeover

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Are you planning to upgrade your outdated private living space and create a modern feel? It can be the perfect time for a bathroom makeover as it is a great way to take your home from looking old to feeling new and elegant. Get your home in top shape; read ahead for SEVEN tips to refurbish your bathroom!

Things to remember before a bathroom makeover

  • 1. Set a budget
  • 2. Call in professionals
  • 3. Clean out the clutter
  • 4. Finalise a layout design
  • 5. Decide on the colours
  • 6. Shop bathroom fittings & fixtures
  • 7. Add plants and decorative arts
Set a budget

Budgeting makes things easier to implement; otherwise, it can be tempting to go all-out with a lavish remodel and fall short of cash for other essential liabilities. So, are you planning a minor fixing, tweaking or complete renovation? We do not have the luxury of enormous bathroom spaces; a complete overhaul can indeed open up options to better manage space and give your bathroom a premium feel. But it would require more money, time and personal involvement. Besides, you need to provide cash for the unforeseeable expenses that often come with breaking apart an existing setup. Comparatively, replacing old bathroom fittings with premium-quality PVC bath fittings and fixtures can be a lot less expensive and modern looking. Top Indian PVC bathroom fittings manufacturers like Ori-Plast offers premium Polymer bath fittings in a wide range of colours and designs.

Call in professionals

Unless you have expert-level plumbing skills and are fond of doing it yourself, take the help of professionals. There's nothing more frustrating than wasting your money on shoddy plumbing jobs. An expert plumbing professional can understand your needs and deliver what is needed to make your bathroom genuinely fabulous. They can also honestly guide you to avoid spending money on unrealistic expectations. It ultimately saves time, effort and cash.

Clean out the clutter

There is so much to do when making your bathroom a better place to spend time. The choice of materials, lighting, tiles, bathroom fixtures, fittings and decorative arts are endless. However, the best advice to remodel and makeover your bathroom is to clean the clutter. Many of us live in ancestral houses and apartments with bathrooms built decades back. Family and personal priorities were different earlier; people used to look at bathrooms from a utilitarian perspective. Things have changed now. So, remove unnecessary space utilisations and streamline the layout if you plan to give your bathroom a private and premium look. Get rid of fixtures that are not needed now and are simply taking up space–you can always buy them later.

Finalise a layout design

If you are overhauling your old bathroom, professional plumbers will always advise finalising a layout before estimating their material and labour. It would help to avoid misunderstand and revise your budget if necessary. A proper remodelling layout would help you get the correct measurement of pipes, fittings, tiles and other materials, minimising the chances of wastage. Sitting with your design plans and figuring out where you want to begin is the best way to determine and fine-tune your budget.

Decide on the colours

Gone are the days when bathrooms meant dark coloured paints and minimum lightings. Today, people love painting bathroom walls in their favourite shades and use bathroom fittings and fixtures in matching colours. Premium-quality PVC bathroom fittings offer an excellent range of colour choices. You can check Ori-Plast bathroom PVC fittings.

Shop bathroom fittings & fixtures

Often we ask plumbing contractors to purchase materials. But for remodelling and giving your bathroom a premium look, you should take part in shopping bathroom fittings and fixtures. Top Indian PVC bathroom fittings manufacturers today offer a wide range of modern materials, designs and functionalities to choose from; take the example of PTMT SYMET (Polytetra Methylene Terephthalate). Premium PTMT taps and bath fittings are better alternatives to conventional metal options. You can also call top manufacturers like Ori-Plast to learn more about the latest products and prices.

Add plants and decorative arts

No one said that you can have indoor plants only on balconies and drawing rooms! Bathrooms can be a perfect space to add plants, especially those requiring less or no direct sunlight. Living plants can make ambient fresh, uplift mood and give a distinct feel to your private space. Other than green plants, you can also choose decorative arts like painting and small sculptures for your bathrooms. However, try to avoid decorations that are not suitable for naturally humid places like bathrooms.

So, let’s not wait any more and start remodelling your bathrooms. Ori-Plast can offer the best value for the money you are willing to spend on bathroom PVC pipe fittings and fixtures. Call us to learn about our latest range of PVC bath fittings and prices.


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