Want the best value from your drainage system? Choose only the best PVC drain pipes and fittings

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Factories, farmlands or residential houses - drain pipes are everywhere. They are essential for any human habitation but get the least of our attention. We only start caring about drainage when we are waterlogged. It should not happen. The modern drainage system has improved a lot, starting from the design to the choice of piping materials.

This article discusses how PVC drain pipes can be the best choice for your drainage system.

The common uses of drain pipes

The primary use of any drainage pipe is to remove water from one place to another. It can be rainwater, industrial effluents, residual water from irrigated lands or simple wastewater from our houses. Depending on the type of drainage system, the requirement of drain pipes vary. Some of the standard drainage systems are,

  • Surface Drainage - it involves the removal of surface water utilising the natural slope of the land.
  • Subsurface Drainage - It is the removal of excess water infiltrated into the soil beyond the capillary capacity of the earth.
  • Slope Drainage - This system helps prevent soil erosion and collapse of the land’s natural slope, especially in the hill region.
  • Downspout and Gutter - These are primarily drainage systems to carry rainwater.
Advantages of PVC drain pipes

Almost every drainage system today use PVC drain pipes and PVC drain fittings for their apparent benefits. Metal pipes have become mostly obsolete. And there are too many reasons behind the widespread popularity of PVC drainage pipes.

  • Environmental benefits - PVC is low on carbon content, and it requires less energy to manufacture. Besides, it is lightweight compared to drainage pipes made of alternative materials. So, you can save money on transportation costs.
  • Chemical resistance - Wasterwater, especially industrial effluents, can contain corrosive chemicals. Drain pipes need to be resistant to chemical reactions. PVC serves the purpose perfectly well.
  • No rust and metal-like corrosion - Despite protective coating, metal pipes corrode after a time. It does not happen with PVC drain pipes and fittings.
  • Strong and durable - Despite being a lightweight material, PVC is as strong and durable as metal pipes. PVC pipes do not easily succumb to shocks, pressure and survive a more comprehensive temperature range.
  • Low-maintenance - Low maintenance is essential for any drainage system to make it sustainable over the long run. PVC drain pipes do not require regular upkeeping.
Ori-Plast PVC drain pipes and fittings

Ori-Plast is a pioneering name in PVC plumbing solutions, offering products in different categories of drainage pipes and drain fittings. With its commitment to innovation, technology and quality manufacturing, the company has established the brand as a trusted name for industrial, irrigation and domestic drainage purposes. You can get Ori-Plast PVC drain pipes and fittings in a wide range of sizes and lengths. Some of the standard sizes are,

  • 4 inch PVC drain pipe
  • 3 inch PVC drain pipe
  • 6 inch PVC drain pipe

Do you want both peace of mind and the best value out of your drainage system? Then check Ori-Plast PVC drainage pipe prices today. Reach us at and let us know your requirements. Our representative will contact you at the earliest.


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