Ori-Plast PVC and uPVC Pipes

Types and Usage of Ori-Plast PVC and uPVC Pipes

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Today, PVC pipe is the modernpreference for safe, economic, and efficient water transport systems and liquid handling supplies all over the world. Its cousinrPVC (Rigid Poly Vinyl Chloride) or more commonly known asuPVC (UnplasticizedPolyVinyl Chloride) is similar to it in many ways. However, uPVC’s rigidityand superior resistance to chemical erosion often make it a better choice for many applications.

As a leading manufacturer of PVC pipes and fittings, Ori-PlastLimited has been providing superior quality PVC and uPVCproductsfor over five decades. Our products are versatile, reliable, and suitable for harsh Indian climate, while being eco-friendly and pocket-friendly too.

Are you on a hunt to find the best PVC and uPVC pipes? Here’s a rundown on the different types of PVC and uPVC products we offer and their best suited usage or application areas.

PVC Pipes

Water supply PVC pipes – For a long time, PVC pipes were unsuitable to carry water under pressure. We have pioneered the new technologies to strengthen the mechanical characteristics of PVC according to Bureau of Indian Standards 16647: 2017 and have developed a new brand of plastic pipes –PVC-O. Excellent elasticity, high impact resistance and superior hydraulic capacity enable these pipes to perform flawlessly even at 25 bars pressure. Use Ori-Plast uPVC pressure fittings for completely watertight ad crack-free flexibility under medium and high pressure.

PVC garden hose pipes– Explore the wide range of Ori-plast PVC garden hose pipes available in vibrant colours for various sizes and dimensions. Use of premium-grade base materials inthese strong and durable pipes makes them crack-free, UV stabilised and leak-proof.

uPVC Pipes

uPVC plumbing pipes – Your safest bet for indoor and outdoor plumbing requirements, including applications like concealed pipes and looping at each floor level. Strong resistance to chemicals, UV and oxidation makes these prime candidates for all plumbing purposes in industries as well as in domestic and commercial setups.

Agricultural uPVCpipes: if you’re looking for PVC well casing pipes, these are your ready remedy. These uPVC pipes are resistant to chemicals, fire, corrosion, UV. Also, they’rehard enough to tackle the harsh outdoor conditions in agricultural fields and industries alike. Some of its most useful applications are found in tube well casing, portable water supply-lines, agricultural irrigation and chemical effluent disposal.

Camlock pipes and fittings -This is a unique solution for instant pipeline commissioning and installations. Ensure crack-free, seamless and watertight joints with Ori-plastuPVCCamlock pipes and fittings in high-rise buildings, surface and underground pressure lines and industrial applications in factories and plants.

uPVCdrainage pipes – Multiple favourable properties like lightweight, chemical resistant, rodent-repellent, non-flammable and non-conductive nature of uPVC make it the ideal material for Ori-plast SWR (Soil-Waste-Rainwater) pipes – the long-term solution for drainage and sewerage problems.

If you’ve been searching for “PVC pipe suppliers near me” for strong, reliable pipes and fittings for your commercial or domestic applications, look no further! Trust India’s leading pipe manufacturer – Ori-plast. Our vast range of PVC and uPVC products reflects our deep commitment to the nation and environment at every step.


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