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Top Checklist to Consider Before Buying a Water Tank

By oriplast |  November 19, 2019 |  No comments |  1303 views

Do you live in an urban multi-storeyed building? Does your house have no access to a natural water body for everyday usage? The ready solution is buying and installing a water tank.

A water tank is a very common utilitarian object found in most houses these days. It’s an effective, fast and economic solution of ensuring water storage and supply to households without access to natural groundwater sources.

But often times sufficient attention doesn’t go in buying a water tank.You might land with an inadequately suited product for your requirements. Let’s help you in collating a checklist of factors that you must know before procuring a water tank for your home.

  1. Usage: The type of water you want to store in the tank is of primary consideration. Would it store rainwater, regular groundwater or anything else? Accordingly, you need to select the model of the tank.
  2. Capacity: This is a very important factor. Figure out the right volume to fulfil your household’s water demands adequately. Now, pick the tank in that capacity range or slightly more.
  3. Material: Water tanks are available in different materials like cement, iron plastic etc., depending on your budget and other requirements. If you want to use plastic water tanks, be sure to go for reliable products like Ori-Plast LLDPE Tank. They are leak-proof, inert to chemicals and corrosion-resistant. Along with their excellent storage capacity, easy handling/installation and pocket-friendly prices, the multi-layer water tanks are even safe for storing drinking water.
  4. Variation based on layers: If you’re opting for LLDPE Tanks, check this variation in the products based on number of layers by Ori-Plast. The basic Ori-Plast LLDPE Tank is manufactured as double layered. Triple and Four-layered tanks have foam linings in between the outer and inner layers. This prevents heat transmission between the stored water and atmosphere, irrespective of the season.
  5. Aesthetic appeal: You may choose the colour of the water tank depending on the material, your budget and aesthetic appeal. LLDPE tanks are commonly made black to prevent overheating.As an added incentive, Ori-Plast LLDPE tanks are manufactured with marble finish exteriors.
  6. Budget: The final consideration is your budget. A water tank is often considered as a long-term utility. So, you must look for the best product per your pocket-strength.

Water tanks by reputable manufacturers like Ori-Plast tick off all these boxes. So ultimately, choosing these water tanks not only delivers superior quality that meets standards and current market trends, but also ensures you have the peace of mind for the long run.



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