PVC Garden Pipes

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing PVC Garden Pipes

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Tara loves gardening and invests a great deal of time and effort to make sure that her backyard lawn looks beautiful. However, the only problem she comes across is with her garden hose. Every time she buys one, either it comes out to be defective with leaks all over, or the pipes get stiff and brittle over time. Tired of this recurring thing, she Googled for the best garden hose pipe manufacturers in India. There she found Ori-Plast PVC garden pipes. Now, she trusts Ori-Plast piping solutions for all her household needs.

Are you also looking for high-quality PVC garden pipes? The thing with a PVC garden pipe is, you can use it for a lot of other purposes apart from watering the plants. You can also use them for washing your car, washing your patio, any construction work at home, and a lot more. Therefore, the PVC garden pipes you choose must be durable and of the best quality.

Here are some of the most relevant things that you should consider before buying PVC Garden Pipes.

The Purpose For Using PVC Garden Pipes

Why do you need a garden hose? Is it solely for gardening, or is there construction work going on in your house? Well, although a premium quality PVC garden pipe is most likely to be suitable for both purposes, your intent to use it will help you choose the right size.

Moreover, if you will be using some additional accessories with your garden hose, depending on the purpose, then also understanding your intent is crucial. The reason – different hose pipe attachments exert pressure on the pipes differently. What if you are using a light-duty pipe along with high-impact attachments? It would be an utter waste of money. So, be informed.

Pick the Right-Sized PVC Garden Pipes

The sizing of a PVC garden pipe is important. And it is where the buyers are prone to make a mistake by believing that the bigger, the better. This concept does not go with garden pipes at all. For example, the size of your water outlet (tap) is 0.50 inches, and you end up buying a 0.75 inches hose. In this case, your purchase is unlikely to be useful. Using a larger or smaller hose pipe than the size of your water outlet exerts unnecessary pressure on the hose and damages it. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful with sizing.

Assess the Quality of PVC Garden Pipes

With so many options available in the market, it might seem difficult for you to understand the difference between recycled and virgin plastic. However, if you buy Ori-Plast PVC Pipes, you get the best quality and best PVC garden pipe price guarantee. Get in touch with us for price quotes. As far as the overall quality of PVC pipes is concerned, there are several aspects to consider. It includes:

  • Choose the right weight of your hose pipe to avoid curls and kinks.
  • The longevity of garden hose pipes depends significantly on the material the pipe is made up of. With Ori-Plast PVC garden pipes, you can be assured when it comes to the quality of the materials.
  • Your garden hose is likely to become slippery during the summers and prone to breakage during winters. However, choosing a pipe with optimum strength can help you get rid of this.

So, now that you know the most important pointers to consider when purchasing PVC Garden pipes, call us for more details.


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