Ori-plast SWR Pipes

The Uses and Benefits of Ori-plast SWR Pipes

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Sanitation, in the modern world,is largely dependent on complex sewerage systems. With the advent of plastic pipes such as PVC and uPVC pipes, it has become a much easier and economically viable to keep our homes and outside world clean and hygienic through scientifically designed drainage systems. One such supremely effective medium is Ori-plast SWR pipes

Ori-plast Limited is India’s one of the premier pipe manufacturing company. We make it a key-point in our operations to develop and market products that are capable of transforming the conventional systems with thoughtful inclusions for customers across the country.

So before we get into why Ori-plast SWR pipes are the most preferred SWR pipes in the country, let’s first understand what SWR pipes are.

SWR pipes are defined as Soil, Waste & Rainwater pipes. We, at Ori-plast, carry out the manufacture of SWR pipes and relevant pipes fittings with uPVC material using cutting-edge technology as per National Standard.

Why do we need SWR pipes?

  • The SWR pipes are manufactured with uPVC as their main raw material. This makes them sturdy, lightweight and flexible to be seamlessly used in various indoor and outdoor applications.
  • These are not affected by corrosion and rust
  • Ori-plast SWR pipes and fittings are inert to chemicals, non-conducive of electricity and heat
  • Multiple special treatments at compounding stage of the manufacture of SWR pipe ensures these are UV resistant and rodent-repellent
  • These non-flammable pipes and fittings are built with smooth internal surface to maximise steady and high-speed flow-rate through them
  • At Ori-plast, we proudly present SWR pipes that are truly superior to any traditional CI and AC pipe systems based on their aesthetic appearance values, prolonged lifespan and hassle-free consistent performance for years after years
What are the applications and uses of SWR pipes?

As the name suggests, the SWR pipes are prime candidates for sewerage systems in residential and commercial properties. At the same time, these pipes are built to withstand the harsh natural elements and are perfectly suitable for external drainage systems too. Here are some of their other uses:

  • The non-conductive, chemically inert and non-flammable properties of these pipesmake them handy for carrying toxic wastes, chemical bi-products and heated residues out of the industrial factory premises
  • You can safely install these pipes for overflow lines and waste lines of food processing plants, dairy plants and vent lines in drainage systems at any height
  • The special treatments at their compounding stages during manufacture makes the Ori-plast SWR pipes and pipes fittings a perfect fit for harsh outdoor conditions, even in a mining pit
  • The strength and hardiness of these pipes along with their flexible nature makes pre-fabrication a very viable solution for all sorts of domestic and commercial projects for sewerage and drainage systems
  • You can also utilise these modern, smart and economic pipes to conserve water through rainwater harvesting systems and contribute to a greener earth for tomorrow

Whether you want the perfect waste management system for your home or office in a multi-storied building, or are planning the most effective sewerage system for public areas such as railway stations, airports and bus stops etc., Ori-plast SWR pipes are your best solution. In terms of every aspect —be it performance, reliability or cost-effectiveness — our SWR pipes are simply unbeatable.

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