The Technology and Benefits of Ori-Plast PVC-O Pipes

The Technology and Benefits of Ori-Plast PVC-O Pipes

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In light of the current scenario of the global water crisis, the water infrastructure industry is facing its share of challenges. It includes the demand for lowering the product cost, installation coast, and encouraging the pipe manufacturers to come up with more cost-effective solutions than the existing ones. As a result of which, PVC-O pipes have hit the market.

The technology behind PVC-O pipes

Deemed as an eco-friendly solution to the thermoplastics, PVC-O pipes are manufactured using the technology based on the Molecular Orientation Process (an air-based system). The orientation process improves the mechanical and physical properties of PVC pipes without changing the chemical properties and benefits of the same by providing the pipe with a quality laminar wall structure. And, the technology to manufacture PVC-O pipes also makes the original polymer more tensile, ductile, durable, and resilient to impact.

Forerunners in the world of plastic pipe manufacturers in India, Ori-Plast offers PVC-O pipes in a wide range of diameters (DN) and nominal Pressures (PN).

The benefits of the technologically advanced PVC-O pipes

Now that you know the technology behind the PVC-O pipes, let’s take a quick look at their benefits.


  • Ori-plast pipes are easy to install sans the use of any heavy machinery. Due to which the overall installation cost of these plastic pipes is less.
  • These are light-weight and ductile. It allows quick installation as compared to other piping solutions.
  • Plus, it is also very convenient to connect these pipes, which ensured high-performance rates.
  • Being highly resistant to corrosion, these pipes do not need any coating or guard from the elements of nature.

  • The process of manufacturing PVC-O pipes is extremely energy efficient. It requires a considerably lesser amount of energy to produce these plastic pipes in comparison to the other alternatives available in the market.
  • The inner walls of these pipes are extremely smooth. It helps in the reduction of pressure losses leading to energy saving.
Environmentally safe and sustainable

  • Sustainability, being one of the key ideas behind the technology used for manufacturing PVC-O pipes, they are eco-friendly and considered as the greenest piping solution in the market.
  • Manufacturing these pipes consumes a lesser amount of fuel in comparison to the production of other pipes. The lesser the use of fuel, the better it gets for nature.
  • The C02 footprint of PVC-O pipes is comparatively much lesser than other pipes. This property makes PVC-O pipes an environment-friendly and sustainable plastic pipes solution.
Go for the best. Go for Ori-plast Pipes

As far as purchasing PVC-O pipes are concerned, you should choose the best and the most reliable manufacturer in India. And, it goes without saying, that when it comes to the best-quality piping solutions, Ori-Plast is a name to reckon with in the industry.

Our PCV-O pipes are available in diameters (DN) 90, 110, 140, 160, 200, 225, 250, 280, 315, 355 & 400 mm and pressures (PN) 16 and 25 bars. Above all, we make sure to manufacture PVC-O pipes adhering to IS 16647: 2017 standard to provide the customers with nothing but the very best.


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