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The Benefits of Using Ori-Plast Agriculture Pipes

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The role of water in agriculture doesn’t necessarily needs an introduction. Just aswe need food to survive, the availability of water is crucial to crop production. In order to ensure proper water supply to the crops, an efficient irrigation system is one of the primary requirements. And, for an irrigation network to work well, high-quality agricultural pipes and fixtures are essential.

uPVC pipes — the need for all farms

An irrigation system, whether it’s a centre pivot, hand-moved sprinkler, trickle, and drip or solid-set sprinklers, needs a network of pipelines to function. And, as agricultural pipes are placed according to the needs of the farm — underground, overhead or on the surface of the earth —choosing the right set of agricultural pipes is crucial. Ori-Plast agricultural pipes are one of the most reputable names in the world of agricultural pipes and also the choice of industry experts.

Why Oriplast Agricultural Pipes?

For farmer’s andthose in agrarian businesses, who require heavy usage of agriculture pipes, Oriplast is the no.1 choice. There are several benefits of using high-quality Oriplast agricultural pipes. Let’s talk about some of those

  1. Compared to other piping solutions and pipe fittings available in the market, uPVC agricultural pipes are light-weight but not weak and brittle. Therefore, it’s easy to install them. Plus, the overall installation cost of our uPVC pipes is low, which makes it an affordable choice for the farmers.
  2. These high-quality uPVC pipes come with leak-proof joints and are hygienic for transporting potable water. The lesser the leaks, the more water the farmers can save. Also, it protects the infrastructure along with preserving the nutrition of water and soil.
  3. Oriplast agricultural pipes are highly durable. Theyare not prone to sediment deposits, which means that the cross-sectional area of these pipes won’t shrink even after years of use.
  4. uPVC agriculture pipes are immune to severe on-site conditions. So, these pipes make the best choice for agricultural farms.
  5. Agriculture pipes and pipe fittings have low thermal conductivity, and they are resistant to fire, corrosion, and chemicals.
  6. Application of fertilizer using uPVC pipes allows uniform distribution of the same and ensures zero wastage of the products. Moreover, it also leads to a reduction in labour cost.
Pipelines are lifelines of every farm

Irrigation pipes don’t just constitute thepipeline. They are the lifelines of agricultural farms. Therefore, it is vital to choose the best when it comes to selecting agricultural pipes for your farm.

We understand the concerns of the farmers and their need for an efficient irrigation system. Therefore, the manufacture of Agriculture pipe here, at Oriplast, is done adhering to the ISI standards. Every product available with us guarantees high-quality and performance at its best, so you can enjoy better yield and save water and irrigation costs.

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