The Benefits of PE Pipes Due to Their Longevity & Chemical Resistance

The Benefits of PE Pipes Due to Their Longevity & Chemical Resistance

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PE pipes, or in other words Polyethylene pipes are considered one of the most versatile plastic materials for constructing pipelines. One of the leading pipes & fittings manufacturer in India, Ori-Plast Limited, recognizes the huge prospect of utilising PE pipes for various commercial and domestic applications extremely well. Hence, we at Ori-Plast are proud to present multiple grades and varieties of PE pipes, such as HDPE (high density), MDPE (Medium density) pipes and fittings.

Benefits of PE Pipes

PE pipes are by their very nature chemical resistant. Also, these pipes (both HDPE and MDPE) do not suffer from rust, corrosion and chemical flaking deposition. These properties make them useful in –

  • Transporting potable drinking water without any fear of pollution or chemicals seeping into the water.
  • Transporting fluids and gas in commercial applications, without any fear of interim reactions within the pipeline.
  • Transporting heated industrial materials, like boiler sludge, furnace ash, molten metals and hot fluids and gases.
  • Building sewerage systems for small and large scale domestic requirements.
  • Bringing irrigation water into agricultural lands as surface pipelines, without fear of corrosion and reactions due to weather conditions like heavy rains or strong sunlight.
  • Laying out pipelines through marshy and corrosive soils without any coating or cathode based protection due to strong resistance to acids and alkalis.

Polyethylene pipes are structurally quite solid and strong due to their inherent polymerisation at the atomic level. Especially the HDPE (high density polyethylene) variant is even more densely packed at the atomic level, gaining even more cohesive force in its core. This strength and solid structure is very useful in –

  • Building long-distance underground pipelines for carrying water or other fluids, without fear of cracking or breaking at the seams due to minor seismic activities.
  • Pipes and pipes fittings for mining applications like carrying oxygen, water, depressurization, dust Suppression etc.
  • Making safe and sturdy pipelines that can handle pressurised fluids and gases while in transport.

Because we can safely join the PE pipes using advanced techniques like butt welding and electrofusion welding etc., the joins are seamless and leak-proof. That’s why PE pipes can be successfully used in –

  • Different conditions like underground pipes, submerged or floating pipes suitable for marine applications as well.
  • Carrying away hazardous wastes without fear of spreading contaminations to the surroundings.

At the same time, PE pipes have a very long lifespan – in ideal conditions it can be even more than 100 years! This along with its easy installation and low maintenance makes these pipes the primary choice for long-term solutions, such as –

  • Telecom pipelines
  • Trenchless installations
  • Underground sewerage channels

Finally, the Ori-Plast PE pipes are highly resistant to fouling, encrustationand non-conducive to biological build-up. Hence, the quality of transported liquids including water remains safe in it throughout its lifespan.

If you are looking for consistent quality and reliable products among PE pipes, opt for the best manufacturer of PE pipes in India – choose Ori-Plast PE pipes.


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