Importance of water for human health and sustenance

Importance of water for human health and sustenance

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Water is one of the most basic necessities of human life and a main constituent of human body. Being the universal solvent to a number of organic and inorganic ingredients required for human health, water boosts our sustenance in multiple ways continuously. Are you aware of the many usefulness of clean water in our daily lives and beyond? Take a brief look now.

Importance of water for human health and sustenance:

Water for immediate consumption:

  • Drinking clean water in adequate quantity ensures smooth functioning in human body, including nutrition, metabolism, excretion etc.
  • Water balances the density of electrolytes in minerals and consumed food particles to help our growth.
  • It is a prominent ingredient in human body’s internal transport systems, carrying oxygen and other gases, along with nutrients and other particles to and from their respective organs of origin or despatch.
  • The human body uses water to purge harmful chemicals, bacteria and other pathogens out of its systems to ensure immunity against various diseases.
  • It also works as a natural temperature buffer through perspiration and helps cellular respiration actively.
Water for indirect consumption:

  • We need clean water for agriculture, food processing and cooking.
  • Clean water helps us maintain regular hygiene, in cleaning and washing clothes, utensils, living quarters and so on.
  • A number of manufacturing processes are hugely dependent on water across industries.
Water as part of eco-system:

  • Two-thirds of the earth’s environment consists of water molecules.
  • The earth’s watery contributions to its living occupants have many forms, including natural habitat for an amazing aquatic world, rainfall, a key influence in global warming and more.
How to ensure safe and clean water supplies:

The above pointers indicate how important role of clean water in human life and beyond. Pollution from exposure to chemicals, harmful UV rays of sunlight & oxidation of water, along with corrosion, leaching of industry-wastes into water-bodies and supply lines threaten the very essence of human sustenance as well as the entire bionetwork.

Now, it’s time to ensure the safety of this crucial element across the world.

A number of environment-friendly and cost-effective methods and materials have been identified by manufacturers of water supply pipelines, such as Oriplast Limited along with stringent quality control to curb water pollution at every step.

Oriplast pipes and fixtures are manufactured as lightweight, strong, resilient, long-lasting, maintenance-free, corrosion free and mineral resistant ensuring there’s no chemical leaching in the water supplies to agricultural fields and households alike. Whether you are looking for concealed pipelines for cold water distribution with fast and easy installation or high strength, all-weather, UV resistant outdoor installations that does not corrode or support combustion, these pipes and fixtures are your ready solutions.

Oriplast ensures lead-free material that does not affect water quality for human health in all its products. These uPVC pipes are designed with utmost care to become durable, cheap and easily worked, while providing strong resistance that does not support scaling even in hard water conditions.

Participate in the global fight against pollution for safe and clean water and be responsible.


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