Best Quality cPVC Plumbing Pipes and Fittings from Ori-Plast

Buy Best Quality cPVC Plumbing Pipes and Fittings from Ori-Plast

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cPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) is a strong, durable material that is used to manufacture a high-temperature plastic pressure piping system. cPVC plumbing systems are ideal for potable water plumbing, not only in residential complexes but also in commercial, agricultural, and even industrial piping and fire sprinkler systems.

Best quality cPVC plumbing pipes from Ori-Plast guarantee that the pipeline system does not contaminate the drinking water it transports. Ori-Plast is eastern India’s largest cPVC pipes and fittings manufacturer with state-of-the-art production plants that are powered by superior technology and diligent research.

Standards and specifications of Ori-Plast cPVC

We manufacture products that perform for years with minimum maintenance hassles. The quality of our products ensures perfect plumbing solutions.

cPVC Pipes are available as per the standards ASTM F441/F441M and IS 15778:2007. The sizes run from 15mm to 150mm and have the ability to perform in temperatures up to 82ºC. The product range includes Class I/SDR 11, Class II/SDR 13.5, Sch 40, and Sch 80.

cPVC Fittings come in 14 specifications available in sizes ½” to 4”. They conform to standard ASTM D2846 and have a professionally installed appearance.

Solvent Cement chemically fuses joints at the molecular level making the pipe system leak-proof and giving them a long life.

Quality and certifications

The best cPVC for plumbing is made through the quality manufacturing process of being chlorinated via a free radical chlorination reaction. The chlorinated PVC is compounded with ingredients that enhance its properties giving it higher temperature performance and improved fire and corrosion resistance.

Ori-Plast has been certified by ISI with IS 15778, and by ASTM with D2846, F439, F441, and F441M.

The features and benefits of cPVC pipes and fittings for plumbers

Here are some of the reasons why cPVC is ideal for plumbing systems:

  • Safety of drinking or potable water is very important. cPVC products are approved for transporting potable water since the compound does not contain any harmful plasticizers or lead.
  • Non-reactive and resistant to bacterial growth, chlorine, corrosion, sediment or mineral deposits, fire, and tuberculation.
  • Cold weld joining of cPVC fittings uses solvent cement making the joints durable and tough.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport, they are also easily installed.
  • They have no scrap value and are completely recyclable.

These characteristics make cPVC plumbing the preferred choice for hot and cold-water distribution, hydronic piping, and many other industrial and process piping applications.

Why Ori-Plast?

It’s important to point out that not all cPVC pipes for plumbing are the same. Most manufacturers fall short of promised material quality and installation ease. As a pioneer in cPVC production, Ori-Plast offers the best performing cPVC products in the market. In fact, Ori-Plast PVC products have launched many innovative PVC & PE products in India.


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