7 tips to ensure the best water tank position in your home as per VASTU

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7 tips to ensure the best water tank position in your home as per VASTU

Something as simple as the place of a water tank, according to Vastu, can make or break the livability quotient of your house. Vastu says we should avoid being whimsical while constructing homes or any other buildings. Every construction decision should comply with Vastu guidelines; otherwise, it might disturb the lives of people residing and working there.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Today we consult civil engineers for structural building plans. Architects help us to design our living space and interior. But for thousands of years, Vastu experts were our very own civil engineers and architectures. They helped planning buildings, structures, temples, forts and whatnot. Kings and wealthy people used to take Vastu guidance to make homes livable. There are hundreds of scriptures on Vastu Shastra, written in Sanskrit, that still exist. Even today, millions of families take the help of Vastu experts while constructing houses in India.

Akash,(space), Vayu,(air),, Agni,(fire), ,Jal,(water) and ,Prithvi, (earth),- our world is made of these 5 elements (Panchatatva). VASTU Shastra says that to lead a prosperous, happy and fulfilling life, we need to align our living space with nature and balance these elements around us.

The position of water storage tanks in our houses is one of the many factors that help maintain balance in Panchatatva.

Seven tips for water tank position as per Vastu

All water tanks are not the same. It might sound strange, but water storage tanks differ in nature and implications in Vastu. Underground water tanks, which we primarily use as reservoirs, are considered as a water element. On the other hand, overhead tanks act like earth elements. So, according to Vastu, even if both types store water, their position and direction must be different.

Water elements in nature align in North and North-East. So, underground water tanks should be positioned in any of these two positions in your house. North is the best direction for constructing and placing underground water reserves; if it is not feasible, Vastu experts suggest North-East or East directions. West direction can also help to balance and align water elements. Vastu strictly prohibited placing water tanks in the South direction.

The best position for earth elements is in the southwest direction. So, as earth elements in nature, overhead tanks should be positioned in the southwest, west or south directions. Strictly avoid north for placing overhead tanks.

The best time to finalize the water tank position is at the time of designing the construction blueprint. We often forget to consider Vastu compatibility and start tweaking design and plan at the last moment. It not only hampers the overall Vastu alignment of the property but also increases the cost. Sometimes, the defect becomes irreparable.

Rectifying the ill effects of an incorrectly positioned water tank is never easy. We cannot just relocate the tank in a better direction and start believing that Vastu is aligned. Rectifying Vastu mistakes sometimes require a complete overhaul of construction; otherwise, Panchatatva cannot enter, flow and exit correctly into the house. So, you should consult a Vastu expert only.

Avoid negative energies from water tanks.Negative energies can flow from overhead water storage tanks due to various reasons like choosing tanks of incorrect colours, not using cover, not cleaning tanks regularly and others. The most suitable colours for rooftop or terrace tanks are white, grey and yellow. The most negative colours for these tanks are red, green and orange.

Use demarcated and separated pipes for different inlets and outlets of water.Take the example of plumbing pipes supplying water to the kitchen, toilet and garden. Avoid using the same outlet pipes for the kitchen and bathroom.

Why leave anything to chance while building your home? Build an underground water tank as per Vastu. Making a house costs a significant investment and involves a lot of emotions. Aligning your water tank direction as per Vastu might not cost you anything extra, especially if you choose Ori-Plast water storage tanks. But it can indeed assure you peace of mind & water tank vastu now you can choose your water tank position according to Vastu. Our PVC water storage solutions are entirely Vastu compliant. Call us and check our range of water storage products.

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