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3 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Home Drainage Pipe Solutions

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Every home needs a suitable drainage solution. It is an unsung hero that keeps water from damaging the foundation of your home. As a responsible homeowner, you should understand that issues with your home’s drainage system can give rise to a series of problems including – water pooling in the basement and/or entrance of your home, soggy walls, the formation of moulds and mildews, and so on. And, the worst-case scenario arises when water from your property makes its way into your neighbour’s property.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right and high-quality drainage pipes.

After all, your home is probably the most prized possessions you have. Being a pioneer in the field of manufacturing PVC drain pipes and sewer pipes in India, Ori-Plast recommends every homeowner to use superior quality pipes and related items for underground drainage. A perforated pipe, for example, makes the best choice for outdoor use.

Moreover, if you count on professional plumbers, they are more likely to use the best-in-class plumbing goods to ensure quality and cost-effectiveness. Years back, drainage systems were made using GI (Galvanized Iron) and copper. However, these were not feasible in the long run.

Then came an era of plastic drain pipe that’s still prevalent and predominant due to obvious reasons. These are durable, pocket-friendly, and make the best fit for the plumbing and drainage needs of every home.

As you will find varieties of PVC drain pipes in the market, it is necessary to consider certain important pointers while choose drainage pipe solutions for your home. Let’s check them out.

  1. The nature of water supply
  2. Water supply in many areas of our country is somewhat corrosive in nature. And, it goes without saying that corrosive water can do some severe damage to the drainage system of your home. It includes – poor-quality water and significant effect on the longevity and durability of the drainage system. Therefore, you should choose a pipe construction that remains unaffected by hard or corrosive water. In this context, using Ori-Plast SWR pipes can be a good idea. These remain unaffected by the nature of the water and are durable too.

  3. Water flow
  4. Drainage pipes with even internal surfaces make water flow easy and smooth. Plus, these also reduce the overall operating costs. There was a time when mainly brass was used for smooth water flow. However, these days, HDPE and PVC are ruling the roost like nothing else. An HDPE or plastic culvert pipe is a good choice with minimal joints.

  5. Certifications matter
  6. You’ll find a number of manufacturers who claim to provide you with the best plastic drainage solutions for your home. However, before zeroing in on any brand, make sure to check the following credentials –

  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification
  • ISI (Indian Standard Institute) mark
  • ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards
  • BAS (Bureau of Assessment Services) certification

Always remember, a company has to offer the best possible standard and quality of products in order to get the above-mentioned accreditations. So regardless of the drainage pipe sizes and types you need, do not forget to check whether or not the manufacturer holds these certifications.

To sum up

These are three of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing home drainage pipe solutions. Ori-Plast ticks off all three boxes and ensures unmatched cost-effectiveness and quality, which makes us an ideal choice for your home’s drainage solutions.


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