What You Must Need To Know About CPVC Solvent

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One of the top benefits of polyvinyl thermoplastic pipes and fittings in plumbing applications is the ease of installation. PVC and other variants of PVCs are easy to join using solvent cement. However, regular PVC solvents do not work effectively with CPVC due to differences in molecular compositions. CPVC pipe solvents are specially designed cement for the purpose; take the example of Ori-Plast E-Z Weld CPVC solvent cement. If you want to learn more about CPVC solvent or are looking for the best CPVC pipe solvent, you’ve come to the right place.

Why is choosing the right CPVC Solvent important?

The right quality solvent for CPVC plumbing offers various advantages.

  • Easy and the fastest installation - Incorrect type of solvent does not join CPVC pipes and fittings adequately and takes an abnormally long time causing uneven joints. Good quality CPVC solvents make CPVC installation easy and faster.
  • Leakage proof performance - The good quality CPVC solvent allows uniform bonding of CPVC molecules and zero chance of leakage of joints.
  • CPVC-grade resistance to temperature fluctuation - CPVC pipes and fittings are especially suitable for carrying hot and cold water. Improper solvents do not survive such a wide range of temperature fluctuations.
  • Height grade water safety - Zero chance of leakage and temperature resistance allow maintaining water safety.
  • Reliable longevity - CPVC solvents also increase the longevity of CPVC plumbing systems without requiring regular maintenance.
How does solvent CPVC work?

Solvent bonding differs from regular adhesive bonding. When applied to a polymer surface, solvent cement softens the polymer and causes interdiffusion between two adjoining surfaces of that material. Solvents dry up after being applied, meaning there are no additional layers - just one solid patch of consolidated material left.

Which CPVC solvent is best?

There are different branded and generic CPVC solvent cement available in the market. However, you should consult an experienced plumber before selecting anyone. Generic solvents can be fractionally cheaper initially but do not ensure reliable plumbing, increasing the overall ownership and maintenance cost of the piping system. Ori-Plast is one of the top manufacturers of CPVC pipes, fittings and CPVC pipe solvents. Ori-Plast’s E-Z Weld CPVC solvent 118 ml and other pack sizes are available at the best value for money prices.


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