What makes male and female brass elbows unique pipe fittings?

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You might wonder why we still use brass fittings in plumbing after so many innovations in material science; take the example of female brass elbows and male brass elbows. There is hardly anything new about brass! Does it sound interesting to understand why popular PVC male and female PVC elbow fittings come with brass inner variants? Stay with us.

Applications of elbow fittings

Elbow fittings are common in plumbing and piping applications for changing the direction of fluid or material it conveys. L-shaped 90-degree and 45-degree elbows are standard; however, you can also get elbows in 22.5, 60, 120 and 180-degree angles for specialised applications. Elbow fittings can serve as reducers when the diameter of the two ends differ. The classification of elbows depends,

  • Angle direction
  • Radius and length
  • Materials of construction
  • Type of pipe connections(threaded or welded)

Male pipe elbows and female pipe elbows are primarily used for connecting to female internal threaded and male external threaded pipes, respectively. Elbows in any piping system often need to withstand very high levels of Pressure, Impulse, Vibration and Temperature. So, improper elbow design, poor material quality and uneven internal finish can lead to,

  • Loss of pressure
  • Joint stress
  • Leakage
  • Internal deposition

Brass internal makes quality CPVC and PVC elbows more effective for specific applications involving,

  • Highly heated water and other fluids
  • Highly corrosive fluids
  • High-pressure piping system
  • Mission-critical low-maintenance piping
  • High-stress industrial piping
Benefits of brass elbows male female

Long term durability - Standard CPVC elbows are very durable. However, CPVC female brass elbows and male brass elbows offer excellent durability in highly demanding industrial, commercial and residential plumbing systems. Brass elbows do not crack or disintegrate, even over a very long term high-stress use.

  • Rust and corrosion-proof - Brass does not corrode despite regular contact with water, corrosive mineral salts or industrial effluents. So, you can expect long-duration maintenance-free performance from your piping system.
  • Easy to join - Brass is malleable. So, female and male brass elbows can be joined easily by welding. Besides, brass elbows male female also come in threaded variants for quick fittings without requiring specialised tools and skills.
  • Temperature-resistance - Brass can withstand very high temperature, making it suitable for distributing hot water and other heated fluids at a cheaper cost compared to other alternative materials.
  • Easy to cast - Brass is easy to cast in a wide range of sizes, so the best quality CPVC brass elbows are cheaper than other alternative metal-core pipes. A pipe system with PVC brass elbows male female fittings offers excellent value for money.

So, now we have a better understanding of why brass elbows are still a reliable choice for specialised applications. CPVC brass elbows combine the excellent rigidity of Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride thermoplastic and all the qualities of brass metal.

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