The Importance of Selecting the Right Irrigation Pipe and its Benefits for the Farmers

The Importance of Selecting the Right Irrigation Pipe and its Benefits for the Farmers

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An efficient irrigation system requires an irrigation management that carefully considers the equipments used and vigilant observation of its proper functioning. For irrigation systems to work with ease, having the right agricultural pipes and fittings are essential to ensure that the complete benefits of the systems are reaped

The need for the right irrigation pipe

Pipes are the main players in the hydraulics of an irrigation system and if they are not the right ones, then both performance and maintenance will be hampered. All irrigation systems—hand-moved sprinklers, solid-set sprinklers, centre pivots, trickle or drip irrigation systems—use a network of pipelines. Irrigation pipes can be set either underground, on the surface and as overhead systems. Therefore, choosing the right irrigation pipe is very important.

Some must-have features

Irrigation pipes are required to function in many capacities and situations. Irrigation pipes should have certain features:

  • chemical resistance
  • fire resistance
  • corrosion resistance
  • low thermal conductivity

Hence, the right type of irrigation pipes should come from reliable manufacturers. Ori-Plast, one of the leading pipe manufacturers in Kolkata, understands this and therefore, their ISI 4985 certified products are the best for agricultural irrigation. Ori-Plast’s UPVC pipes are ideal for all agricultural irrigation related fittings, for example:

  • Portable Water Supply
  • Tube Well Casing
  • Chemical Effluent Disposal

Besides, many other irrigation systems can be equipped with Ori-Plast UPVC pipes as they provide the best results in equipment functioning, especially in terms of durability and cost efficiency.

What makes Ori-Plast UPVC pipes the best choice for farmers

As an agricultural country dependent on monsoon performance, both the importance and benefit of an improved irrigation system is evident. As a vital component of an efficient irrigation system, superior-grade pipes like Ori-Plast UPVC pipes help farmers to maximise water use efficiency and prevents crop losses due to weather disruptions

Here’s a quick look at the benefits of choosing Ori-Plast UPVC pipes:

  • These pipes help farmers use lesser amount of water, while also preventing leakage and water run-off. A farmer thus, saves both water and soil nutrition and structure.
  • Less water usage helps to lower the energy usage required for pumping this water, thus, reducing electricity costs.
  • Fertilizer application through Ori-Plast UPVC pipes mean uniform distribution, zero wastage and reduced labour—saving costs in two ways.
  • High-quality pipes like Ori-Plast ensure durability and thus the benefits can be reaped for a longer time period with one-time installation.

Irrigation pipes with its effects on lowered resource use, impact on crop yield and quality, and soil environment, generates better incomes and livelihoods for farmers. Ori-Plast understands this importance of irrigation pipes and offers anISI certified range in agricultural pipes and fittings.

To know more about Ori-Plast UPVC pipes, contact us today!


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