The Deeper Advantages of using Drip Irrigation Pipes System

The Deeper Advantages of using Drip Irrigation Pipes System

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Mr. Sharma is a passionate gardener. From the plantation to watering and fertilization, he does everything with his own hands. For him, his fruits and flower plants are like his children and he never compromises with gardening. For decades, he himself sprinkled water and fertilizers on his plants. But with his growing age, it is becoming difficult for him to do it all alone, as the area of his garden is pretty large. So, he is planning to install a drip irrigation system in his garden. But, before taking any final call, he decided to consult an expert about the benefits of using a drip irrigation system in his garden.

The expert suggested to Mr. Sharma that, installing drip irrigation pipes and drip fittings will be perfect for his garden. He also explained the benefits of using drip irrigation systems.

Saves water

Drip irrigation saves water by directly targeting the root of a plant. It avoids watering those parts of the plant which are not beneficial.

Keeps the leaves dry

As it solely targets the root of a plant, it keeps the leaves dry. Wet leaves can keep spots and cause discolouring. Dry leaves also help to prevent fungus.

Reduces weed

As the areas in between the plants don’t receive water, weed doesn’t grow.

Avoids soil erosion

As drip irrigation involves steady drop by drop dripping of water, it avoids soil erosion caused by the high pressure of water.

Minimized nutrient runoff

When a large volume of water runs off the soil surface, it depletes nutrients in that soil. Since drip irrigation reduces runoff, it reduces the loss of nutrients.

Fertilization through a drip irrigation system

Fertilizer injectors can be installed in a drip irrigation system to fertilize plants while watering them. It allows the right amount of fertilizer to drip at the right time. It is a convenient way of fertilization, as it saves fertilizers.

Reduces energy consumption

As a drip irrigation system works at low pressure, pumps consume less energy to release water. Thus, it helps in saving power and reduces the consumption of fuels that are required to create that energy.


As a drip irrigation system saves water and reduces energy consumption, it can be said that they are eco-friendly.


A drip irrigation system is cost-effective, as it reduces the involvement of manpower, thus reduces labour cost. It saves water, energy, fertilizer, and also promotes better plant growth. It can also safely use recycled potable water.

Of all the drip irrigation fittings manufacturers in India, the expert advised Mr. Sharma to use drip irrigation pipes, fittings, and sprinklers manufactured by Ori-Plast. He said that all their products adhere to the standard of IS 13488. They have a complete range of products that includes, drip irrigation pipe class I, drip irrigation pipe class II, PVC ball valve/control valve, PP drip ball valve/control valve (plain & threaded), flash valve, screen filter, sand/media filter, hydro cyclone filter, ventury assembly, ventury manifold/header assembly, etc. He also suggested Mr. Sharma to check the drip irrigation fittings catalogue of Ori-Plast.


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