Shreemati - the extraordinary story of a woman who only wanted to be ordinary

By oriplast |  June 29, 2022 |  No comments |  1372 views

We take many things for granted in our lives. Be it the unconditional attention of our loved ones, unadulterated sacrifices they make in their lives for families or our ever-growing dependencies on their selflessness. We love them, adore them and still, somehow, forget to sense how indispensable they are in our everyday living consciousness. And at one delicate moment, when they start questioning the significance of their existence, lightning strikes! Reality dawns upon us. This is the prelude, if not in entirety, to the soon-to-be-released Bengali feature film SHREEMATI. Ori-Plast is delighted to announce the brand’s association with this initiative. The story of the protagonist in this film resonates accurately with Ori-Plast’s core brand identity, ‘Life Lines … not just Pipe Lines’. Healthy water is the source of healthy living. Unfortunately, we often ignore this fact and compromise water quality until it starts hurting our wellbeing.

The film tells the life saga of an ordinary woman whom we can casually mistake as someone close to our hearts or, simply, as one of our next-door neighbours. Her life takes an extraordinary turn when she doubts the meaning of her very existence in a world that she loved the most in her life.

The leading roles have been portrayed by Swastika Mukherjee and Soham Chakraborty. The film has been directed by Arjunn Dutta, critically acclaimed for his direction and screenplay in Abyakto (2018) and Guldasta (2020). The producer of Shreemati is Kan Singh Sodha(KSS).

Witness what happens to Shreemati and her family in your nearest cinema hall on the 8th of July 2022.


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