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PVC-O Pipes Properties and Usages

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Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is one of the most versatile and widely-used materials in the world. It is mouldable at relatively low temperatures, making it ideal for various industrial applications. In addition, PVC is generally inexpensive and lightweight compared to conventional piping materials like metal. Given these properties, it should come as no surprise that PVC continues to be used in new and innovative ways. In this blog post, we shall explore some of the common uses of PVC-O (oriented molecule) pipes, their usages and properties. They are premium quality, improved polyvinyl chloride with specific applications.
What is PVC?
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the most widely used plastic in the world, manufactured by polymerising vinyl chloride, a liquid hydrocarbon. PVC has usages in water supply pipes, drainage systems, sewer pipes, plumbing fixtures and underground gas lines. Due to continuous material science improvement, different PVCs are available today, suitable for various applications. OPVC or PVC-O (oriented) is the latest on the list. PVC-O pipes are the best quality available for supplying potable water across climatic conditions and water temperatures.
OPVC or PVC-O (oriented)
PVC-O (also known as OPVC) is prepared through the biaxial orientation of regular PVC films or sheets. Technically speaking, biaxial orientation is a manufacturing process in which a PVC sheet gets stretched to orient polyvinyl polymeric chains parallel to the plane of the sheet. Biaxially oriented films make conventional PVC exhibit exceptionally flexible with high tensile strength. As a result, PVC (oriented) products show extreme resistance to chemical reactions and corrosion.
Advantages of Using PVC-O
  • High resistance to corrosive chemicals makes PVC-O pipes safer for carrying water while maintaining health standards.
  • The biaxial orientation of PVC molecules in PVC-O allows extreme smoothness. Asa a result, PVC-O pipes can withstand the high-pressure flow of water without the risk of leakage.
  • O-PVC pipes are lighter without compromising strength. It makes transportation, installation and maintenance easier over the lifetime.
  • Improved strength compared to traditional plastic pipes gives very long-term durability in residential and commercial water supply lines.
  • Resistance to cracking, bursting, and corrosion, irrespective of extreme weather conditions, allows low maintenance performance.
Uses for PVC-O Pipes
  • Water supply - PVC-O pipes are primarily suitable for high-pressure water distribution systems in residential and commercial buildings where water safety is a critical concern.
  • Irrigation piping - Food safety regulations require using safe water in irrigating agricultural lands. PVC-O pipes are the best choice in such applications.
  • Industrial usages - Food processing, pharmaceuticals and similar industries with stringent water safety regulations use PVC(oriented) pipes.
PVC-O pipes are premium PVC with special advantages. Ori-Plast offers a wide range of PVC-O pipes for residential and industrial applications with an unmatched fit and finish. To learn more about Ori-Plast’s PVC-O products range, visit or contact our representatives. We assure the value for money.


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