PVC Connectors: Benefits, Uses and How to Install Them

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PVC connectors are incredibly versatile and can be used to connect pipes and fixtures of various sizes and shapes. Making connections with different parts of plumbing systems is a relatively straightforward task, at least for experienced plumbers. However, it is crucial to choose the correct connectors for the job. For example, using an undersized or oversized clamp can result in unnecessary stress on the joint, leakages, disruptions in the flow, or even worse, the clamp might develop cracks.

What Are the Different Types of PVC Connectors?
  • PVC connectors are available in various functional types, shapes and styles. Lengths and diameters also vary for downsizing the flow depending on the end-use. With innovations in material science and plumbing technologies, companies are coming out with new varieties of PVC connectors. Some of the standard Ori-Plast branded polyvinyl connectors are,
  • PVC union - designed to connect/join two PVC pipes together without using glued coupling or sealant.
  • Male adapter - designed to create a male pipe thread on the desired end by glueing onto the pipeline.
  • Elbow - Primary purpose is to change the direction of fluid's flow in a plumbing system to avoid direct obstruction.
  • Couplers - designed to connect two different PVC pipes and fittings of varying thickness. These are the most straightforward PVC connectors and have ample usage in home, industrial and agricultural plumbing.
  • PVC Tee connectors - designed to connect two separate lines to the main supply line; has three ends; out of them, two ends are in line while the other end is at a 90-degree angle.
  • Reducing adapter - designed to change the one end of a pipe to fit pipes and fixtures of different sizes. It usually has one male end and one female end, also known as reducing coupling.
  • Socket adapter - designed to allow a transition in the pipeline, usually from male threaded to straight-line pipes.
  • Compression coupling - also known as pipe repair coupling; is used in joining different types of pipes and fittings while conducting a temporary repair.
  • Clips - designed to fix and hold pipes steady to a wall. These fittings provide steadiness to the overall plumbing pipe system.
  • PVC flange - designed to offer multiple functionalities like strengthening pipes, stopping the flow or attaching different accessories.

Other common use PVC connectors are 3 way PVC connectors, PVC connectors 4 way and 6 Way PVC connectors.

Benefits of Using PVC Connectors
  • Durable: PVC connectors are made of thermoplastic, making them highly durable. It makes these connectors strong enough to withstand a variety of different conditions.
  • Reliable: Good quality PVC connectors offer a high degree of functional reliability in maintaining a connection. They do not corrode or rust, making them resistant to chemicals in the water.
  • Cost effective: PVC connectors are one of the lowest cost options for plumbing, making it the best option for a wide range of fluid transfer applications.
  • Easy to install: PVC connectors are lightweight, offer different options to join PVC pipes and fittings, including glueing, welding and threads joining them together. So, it is easy to install.
  • Environment friendly - As a thermoplastic, PVC is easy to recycle, requires less energy to manufacture and offers longer durability. So, PVC pipes and connectors are environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to clean: PVC is non-porous; it does not absorb fluid. Besides, top quality PVC connectors offer a smooth inner surface, reducing the chance of deposition. So, PVC connectors are easy to clean.
  • Water safety - last but not least, PVC is chemical resistant and anti-corrosive material. So, it is perfectly safe to carry food-grade water.

Choose PVC connectors and pipes if you're planning to repair, replace or construct a new plumbing system. As a pioneer in the PVC plumbing industry in India, Ori-Plast has decades of expertise and experience in designing and manufacturing a wide range of PVC plumbing solutions. So, be it a mission-critical piping application or a simple home plumbing project, call our customer support team. They are eager to listen to your requirements and offer the best value for money. After all, we are committed to our corporate motto, "Life Line … not just Pipe Lines".


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