O-PVC pipe market in India - the way ahead along with economic growth

By oriplast |  September 3, 2022 |  No comments |  1528 views

From the late 1980s (or early 90s, to be precise), plastic pipes and pipe fittings started catching people’s attention for obvious reasons. More and more residential, municipal and industrial plumbing projects were opening up to accepting polyvinyl pipes as a reliable alternative to traditional piping materials. And at the same time, companies like Ori-Plast were adopting evolving innovations in material science to offer improved PVC-based plumbing products. The results were the introduction of CPVC, UPVC pipes, fittings and specialised solvent cement. The latest in the list of innovative products is O-PVC or PVC (oriented); it is the premium quality PVC with technical features that make these pipes suitable for carrying water across climatic conditions. As a pioneering plumbing solution manufacturer in India, Ori-Plast has taken up the onus to educate plumbing professionals and end customers regarding the unique value propositions of O-PVC as piping material. The market response is beyond expectation.
The reason: positive market response around PVC-O pipes and fittings
The increasing popularity and acceptance of premium O-PVC products among customers have several reasons. As per our market observation, significant reasons are,
  • Specialised material for specific usage - PVC (oriented) is a specialised material with unmatched tensile strength, anti-corrosive property and chemical resistance. These features of O-PVC material make these pipes and fittings an excellent choice for pipes transporting potable and food-grade water. So, residential building and food processing industries are choosing PVC–O.
  • Improving awareness about water safety - End customers in residential projects are becoming more aware of the importance of consuming safe water. Besides food processing industry regulators, municipalities are becoming stringent about enforcing water safety rules in commercial and industrial piping. As a result, plumbers are accepting premium grade O-PVC pipes for water transportation piping applications.
  • Consumer demand for value products - Economic growth and resulting higher purchasing power has also enabled customers to opt for products offering better value and usability. Instead of compromising on quality for cheaper alternatives, traditional price-sensitive Indian consumers are demanding better products at a value-for-money cost.
At Ori-Plast, we always serve customers with the best value for their money. We have always embraced the highest envelope of technological innovations in manufacturing processes to stay competitive for the last five decades. So, you can expect only the best for any plumbing needs. Call us. Our representative will be happy to guide you.


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