Know everything about Ori-Plast Borewell and Column Pipes

Know everything about Ori-Plast Borewell and Column Pipes

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Borewell and Column pipes are connected to the submersible pump for extracting groundwater. Usually, bore wells are 100ft to 1500ft deep. In order to efficiently handle the sudden rotational torque force that is generated while turning the submersible pump on or off, the pipe should be strong and durable. While traditionally, galvanized iron or G.I. pipes were used in bore wells, the advent of technology has introduced uPVC pipes in the construction of bore wells and tube wells. uPVC pipes being corrosion-resistant, resilient, and economical, have successfully replaced its G.I. precursor.

Ori-Plast, being one of the leading PVC pipe manufacturers in India, has introduced its range of best in quality uPVC Borewell pipes and casing pipes. The range includes Shallow Casing (CS), Medium Casing (CM), Deep Casing (CD), Screen Ribbed pipes, Column Pipe Standard, Column Pipe Medium & Column Pipe Heavy. Casing pipes are manufactured as per BIS 12818 standard and have the ISI mark printed on them.

Sl. No. Type OD (Inch) Length (Mtr)
1 Shallow Casing (CS) 6 to 12 3/5/6
2 Medium Casing (CM) 11/2 to 12 3/5/6
3 Deep Casing (CD) 4 to 16 3/5/6
4 Screen Ribbed 11/2 to 8 2/3
5 Screen Plain 10 to 12 2/3
6 Column Pipe Standard 1 to 4 3
7 Column Pipe Medium 1 to 4 3
8 Column Pipe Heavy 1 to 4 3
The advantages of using Ori-Plast’s range of uPVC Borewell pipes are:

  • Lead and other heavy metal-free.
  • These pipes are stronger, resilient, and long-lasting.
  • These pipes are corrosion resistant and thus last longer.
  • As these pipes are lightweight, it cheaper and easier to transport and install them.
  • The internal surface of an uPVC bore well column pipe is smoother and ensures low friction and better water flow.
  • These pipes are leak proof.
  • The bacteria-resistant characteristics of these pipes ensure hygienic water.
  • Thicker Trapezoidal Threads for Pipe sizes higher than 4″ provide better jointing and helps to carry greater vertical loads.
  • Bell-type of joints helps to reduce the number of joints against sockets that are used in conventional MS/GI pipes.
  • Cheaper both in capital investment and running & maintenance costs.

Ori-Plast Column pipes are manufactured with the capacity of holding much more weight than the weight of the entire column filled with water and the weight of the pump.


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