Important facts to know before buying roll pipes

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Have you previously bought roll pipes? Hope you are happy with the quality because often, customers regret purchasing generic roll pipes and complain about leakages, regular maintenance needs and unreliable performance. So, we advise everyone to make informed decisions. Let us explain what you should know before buying your next roll pipes.

What is a roll pipe?

As you might know, roll pipes are flexible, soft, and organised in coils for easy storage and transportation; primary usage is carrying water, non-corrosive chemicals and oils. You can spot uses of roll pipes in construction, irrigation, temporary water supply, or in municipality tankers distributing drinking water. However, the heat resistance of flexible roll pipes is not significant. So, it is advisable to avoid using roll pipes in high-temperature zones and fire-prone areas. Usually, roll pipes come in two types of materials:

  • PVC
  • PE
  • HDPE

Polyethylene or PE is combustible as a material and can catch fire. PVC and HDPE or high-density PE materials are fire-retardant. HDPE melts when heated around 125 degrees. So, PE and HDPE roll pipes should not be used in fire extinguishing applications. PVC hose pipes have higher melting points.

Benefits of roll pipes

  • Roll pipes are easy to store and transport. You can fit these pipes and dismount them quickly without specialised skills and equipment.
  • The flexibility of roll pipes allows transporting water across uneven terrains like hills, undulating plains, and construction sites.
  • It is value for money compared to other piping options as roll pipes are cheaper to own and maintain.
  • Good quality roll pipes can be highly durable and offer long term performance with minimal maintenance.
  • Roll pipes are available in multiple diameters like 1-inch, 1.5-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch and others for a wide range of water carrying applications.
  • HDPE and PVC roll pipes are suitable for carrying potable water.
Things to check before buying roll pipes

You should be careful about a few things before deciding to buy roll pipes for your specific applications. They are,

  • Suitability to your application; the choice of roll pipes should differ with its end applications. For example, you should choose food-grade HDPE pipes to distribute drinking water. You can select regular PE roll pipes for carrying non-food and non-human use fluids.
  • Look out for manufacturing defects; roll pipes can get damaged due to improper storage in a store. Check it before purchasing.
  • Choose branded products. Reputed brands are well-recognised for product quality, while generic alternatives can be cheaper but unreliable for durability and longevity.

So, don’t pick up any roll pipes you come across on a shop rack or just because it is the cheapest. You might need to spend more later. Ori-Plast is a top brand manufacturing high-quality roll pipes for various applications. Check Ori-Plast’s roll pipe 1.5 inch prices.


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