Importance of Bathroom Fittings Selection for Your Luxury Modular Bathroom Design

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Importance of Bathroom Fittings Selection for Your Luxury Modular Bathroom Design

A few years back, I was staying in an apartment in New Delhi, a posh locality, upmarket residential complex. I liked it for the proximity to my workplace and the lovely green ambience. But the only eyesore was its bathrooms. The owner never cared to design them correctly or accessorise them with modern luxury bathroom fittings, which messed up the whole living experience.

Luxury of bathrooms

Luxury modular bathrooms are becoming an integral part of our lifestyle. Think about those old-fashioned, dimly-lit, claustrophobic, closet-sized spaces we were used to calling toilets. Modern apartments and living quarters accommodate designing, building luxury bathrooms with all modern amenities. You can lay tiles, use bright lighting fixtures, use expensive mirrors, shower booths, bathtubs and other things. However, the quality of your bath fittings can make or break your private space. Do you want to know why choosing luxury bathroom fitting is essential? How can you choose the right quality luxury bath fittings?

Luxury bath fittings - is it a waste of money?

Polymer bathroom fittings are essential for functional as well as aesthetic reasons in any luxury modular bathroom. Let me explain some of the salient benefits of luxury bath fittings made of PTMT SYMET.

Corrosion proof

Corrosion is a significant problem we face in our domestic water supplies—the dissolved chemicals and salts in water cause depositions in bathroom fittings and a substantial amount of corrosion. Besides, freshwater enables faster oxidation of iron or any other metal. It reduces pipes’ durability. So, it is beneficial to use non-metal bathroom fittings that are naturally resistant to corrosion. PTMT SYMET pillar cock, bibcock, stop cock, long neck and other luxury bath fittings are ideal fit-n-forget products.

Colourful and modern in design

Gone are the days when bathrooms were one of the most dull-coloured and dimly-lit places in a house. Today people decorate bathrooms in shades matching with other parts of their homes. So, people are expecting bath fittings in different shades and designs. Polymer luxury bath fittings offer sleek design, finish and more comprehensive colour options compared to metal alternatives.

Leak-proof, drip-proof & durable

Would you like water dripping and leaking from bath fittings in a well-decorated luxury modular bathroom? Of course, not! It is not only a nagging sight but also a safety concern. Polymer, PTMT SYMET bath fittings are corrosion resistant. Polymer connectors enforced with suitable polymer cement make your bathroom drip-proof and leak-proof, improving the overall usability of the bathroom.

Quality with Affordability

Polymer luxury bath fittings are a lot more affordable compared to metal alternatives of similar quality. It means PTMT and other polymer luxury bathroom fittings score high on both the grounds - quality and value for money. It’s the best deal.

So whether you are renovating your home or moving into a new place, always make sure you invest in the right quality luxury bathroom fittings to make your ‘private’ private space comfortable and lavish. You will never regret it. Ori-Plast is a top Indian brand offering made-in-India new-age polymer luxury bath fittings. Check Ori-Plast’s range of PTMT SYMET bath fittings products. They are exotic, elegant and made of the best-in-class material quality.


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