Find Everything Related to PVC Plumbing Fittings at Ori-Plast

Find Everything Related to PVC Plumbing Fittings at Ori-Plast

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When it comes to water and piping solutions, the spotlight is firmly trained on Ori-Plast and its products. It is one of the best pipe manufacturing companies in India with five decades of expertise. Ori-Plast piping solutions specializes in manufacturing world-class plumbing and piping systems for both residential and commercial applications.

Standards and specifications of PVC plumbing pipe

At Ori-Plast, we are determined to provide the best possible service. Our research continuously strives towards improving, innovating and engineering new products. PVC plumbing fittings are utilized in an agricultural settings, for drip irrigation, and borewell fittings. In this regard, the range and specifications of our products include:

cPVC: These pipes and fittings are made from CPVC or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride compound plastic, meeting the code as per IS 15778:2007. They perform both for hot and cold water distribution supplies, servicing in temperatures up to and including 82°C. Their sizes range from 1.5 cm (½”) to 30 cm (12”) diameter.

uPVC: Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or uPVC pipes and fittings are used especially for plumbing that requires looping at each floor level, outdoor installations and concealed pipelines. They are used in cold water distribution and are resistant to chemicals, sunlight, and oxidation. The threaded uPVC pipes specification comes in sizes ranging from ½” to 3” while the push specification comes in sizes ½” to 4”.

Soil, Waste and Rain Water (SWR) uPVC pipes and fittings are ideal for drainage and sewerage applications. Sizes range from 75mm to 160mm.

PERT pipes and fittings made from polyethylene of raised temperature resistance. They are ideal for functioning in high temperatures and have long-term strength.

PE pipes and fittings consisting of both High Density (HDPE) and Medium Density (MDPE) are ideal for versatile applications.

Ori-Plast provides a wide range of specifications and sizes on its products that are not limited to the above types. In addition, there are Camlock, PVC-O and LLDPE tanks among other products.

Features and benefits of PVC plumbing

Plumbing applications of PVC range from supply lines, and drainage solutions to advanced fire-sprinkler systems. The unique features of PVC plumbing fittings provide great benefits. These are:

  • Safety due to their high degree of inertness and resistance to corrosion. It also has high impact resistance without any loss in pressure bearing capacity.
  • Durability and cost-efficiency owing to a minimum life span of 100 years and a lower failure rate. They are easy to install, operate and maintain.
  • Environmentally advantageous because it’s a low carbon plastic, requiring less energy and resources to manufacture. They are also easy to recycle.
Why Ori-Plast?

Ori-Plast plumbing connectors and PVC pipes stand for integrity and innovation. We emphasize providing the best in the industry, at competitive pricing, and with exemplary service to the customer. Our product certifications ensure a high degree of safety and quality.

Quality and certifications

Ori-plast PVC plumbing parts and plastic pipes for plumbing have the highest quality and are certified by the bearers of industry standards. Ori-Plast is recommended by ISO 9001, BAS, ASTM International, DNV, Manak Pathpradarshak, and ISI.


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