CPVC Plumbing Pipes: The Top Benefits of This Material for Your Water Supply

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Material science has witnessed rapid changes in the last couple of decades, combined with innovations in manufacturing. It has brought in new variants of thermoplastics like Chlorinated polyvinyl or CPVC with specialised characteristics. There are many benefits of using CPVC or chlorinated plumbing pipes. Many homes and building owners may not fully realise the advantages and versatility of CPVC as a material for water supply pipelines. However, things are changing. If you want to know more about the best CPVC pipe for plumbing, stay with us.

What is the difference between PVC and CPVC?
  • CPVC is manufactured through chlorination of regular polyvinyl thermoplastic, and that's why we call it Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC). Usually, the manufacturing of CPVC involves a free radical chlorination process. At the post-production level, decomposed Chlorine gas comes in contact with PVC. A part of Hydrogen in regular polyvinyl gets replaced with free-radical chlorine in the decomposed gas. Modern innovations in manufacturing processes allow exact chlorination reactions to ensure precisely controlled molecular changes.
  • Chlorination of regular PVC allows a high degree of temperature resistance and flexibility. As a result, CPVC pipes can continuously withstand both heat and cold without compromising material characteristics.
  • CPVC offers all the benefits of PVC along with better tensile strength and temperature limits; it makes CPVC easy to work with for machining and welding. Besides, CPVC as a material offers excellent fire properties. CPVC plumbing pipes and fittings (like PVC) do not catch fire and are self-extinguishing in residential and industrial environments.
Advantages: CPVC pipes for plumbing water supplies lines

It is stronger.

CPVC pipes are flexible and stronger than other alternatives, making them an excellent option for applications requiring an extremely durable plumbing system. You do not have to worry about these pipes being damaged by harsh weather conditions or being too exposed to the elements. CPVC also does not corrode. It means that you will not have to worry about cleaning or replacing them for a very long time-one of the top reasons people prefer using CPVC pipes for plumbing residential water supply lines.

It is environment-friendly.

Like any thermoplastics, CPVC pipes are environment friendly as they do not require disposal at a landfill. We can recycle them multiple times. Besides, recycling PVC and CPVC are less energy-intensive. Due to its very long lifespan, CPVC pipes do not require regular replacements reducing overall material usage.

It is easy to use.

CPVC pipes are flexible, strong and durable. As a result, CPVC pipes for plumbing are suitable for use in locations that experience extreme weather conditions–high heat or extreme cold. The pipes will be able to handle these conditions without being damaged or suffering cracks. The flexibility of CPVC plumbing items allows bending and twisting them without causing physical damage.

It is essential for water safety.

CPVC pipes are used in domestic, commercial plumbing, irrigation and hydroponic systems. CPVC pipes are especially suitable for applications requiring top-quality water safety. As a material, CPVC is not only resistant to temperature fluctuation but also maintains its resistance to chemicals and electrochemical reactions. The best CPVC pipe for plumbing features smooth inner surfaces preventing deposition, bio growth and need for regular cleaning.

It is a value for money investment.

Money spent on constructing plumbing systems is an investment for home plumbing or non-residential applications. So, you should be conscious while choosing pipes and fittings; CPVC pipes are an excellent choice for longevity, installation ease and operational reliability. Using the best CPVC pipe for plumbing allows you to save much money.


The benefits of using CPVC pipes for plumbing are numerous; we just covered a select few due to the limited scope of this article. Always prefer choosing the best quality CPVC pipes and fittings. Ori-Plast is one of India's top PVC, CPVC, UPVC and other thermoplastic plumbing products and solutions manufacturers, a household plumbing brand name for the last four decades. Our customer service team is ever eager to provide pre and post-sales services irrespective of the scale of projects. Call us.


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