CPVC coupling pipe fittings: what you must know?

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Pipe couplings or couplers are very common fittings in any plumbing applications, be it residential, irrigational or industrial. CPVC being a popular choice of piping material in residential and industrial water supply, couplings made of CPVC are regular use fittings. You can find too many non-branded, generic CPVC couplings of different types, sizes, material quality and finishes in any plumbing hardware store. However, they neither promise functional longevity nor operational reliability. Can you compromise with your CPVC water supply plumbing system by choosing an unqualified pipe coupling? CPVC couplings of sub-standard quality can seriously compromise the functionality of any well-designed and perfectly installed plumbing setup. Ask professional plumbers and existing owners. They only trust reputable brands (like Ori-Plast) for top-grade CPVC pipes and fittings.

Advantages of top-grade CPVC couplings

Couplers are usually inexpensive fittings used to join pipes or pipe fittings; they can also serve the purpose of reducers for joining smaller diameter pipes to bigger ones. Generally, FIVE types of CPVC couplings you will regularly find in stores. They are,

  • Full coupling - connecting small-bore pipes.
  • Half coupling - connecting half-size small-bore pipes.
  • Reducing coupling - connecting smaller diameter to bigger diameter pipes; or the other way round.
  • Compression coupling - preventing leakage using rings and compression nuts.
  • Slip coupling - Similar to compression couplers.
Any top-grade CPVC coupling offers extremely useful BENEFITS over their generic counterparts.
  • Resist corrosion like CPVC and prevent biocontamination from depositions within the piping system.
  • Availability in different sizes, starting from half to full-size couplers for installing a wide range of pipes and fittings.
  • CPVC-grade ease of installation without requiring specialised skills and tools.
  • Lightweight and do not put stress on the overall piping structure.
Final verdict

It is value for money to choose the best quality CPVC couplers and PVC to CPVC coupling fittings. Couplers may look ubiquitous and straightforward. But any compromise in its quality can jeopardise the longevity of any piping structure and functioning of the plumbing system. So, choose only competitively priced branded, quality-assured CPVC coupling fittings. Ori-Plast manufactures international standard ASTM D 2846 compliant couplers and other CPVC pipe fittings. Call us for the latest range of Ori-Plast CPVC coupling prices. Our expert customer support representatives and distributor channel network will be delighted to help you.


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