Common Fixing & Installation Time Challenges of PVC Plumbing

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PVC plumbing pipes and fittings offer obvious advantages in planning, installation, and long term sustainability of plumbing works, be it in residential housings, farmlands or factories. However, from our interactions with experienced fabricators and fitters, we have learned about a few common challenges of working with PVC plumbing.

This article explains these challenges and how we can overcome them easily.

Rushed and without care installation -

It is one of the most common root causes we have come across for fixing and installation challenges. It is not a problem specific to PVC pipes and fittings; though, The PVC plumbing pipes and PVC plumbing fittings are easy to transport and install for lightweight and structural strength. However, overconfident project timelines, unplanned delays and, sometimes, eagerness to unduly save time result in rushed, careless installation.

Use of unnecessary connectors

Plumbing fitting and connectors are essential for the proper installation of PVC pipes, controlling the flow and direction of the water. However, lack of adequate planning and flawed plumbing design may result in excess use of connectors like cross-Tee, Tee, Coupler, Elbow, Ball valve. Unnecessary use of fittings impedes water flow and defeats the purpose of any plumbing work.

Improper use of solvent cement

The use of solvent cement has made PVC plumbing installation a lot easier, quicker and reliable. It is not tricky to solvent weld PVC pipes and fitting; fitters just need to have specific skills like choosing proper solvent cement, preparing connectors and pipes before joining and giving enough time to cure.

Manufacturing defects and poor finishing

Poor pipe manufacturing processes, faulty machinery and obsolete technologies often lead to defective PVC pipes and connectors. They also hamper product finish, finally leading to plumbing defects, leakage and clogging. Faulty PVC pipes make installation difficult, time-consuming; lack of finish leads to wastage of expensive solvent cement.

Ori-Plast PVC Plumbing pipes and connectors

Ori-Plast has played a crucial role in popularizing the use of PVC in industrial, agricultural and residential plumbing for the last five decades. Continuous innovation, use of cutting edge technologies in manufacturing and dedication to quality have made the company a household brand.

Ori-Plast plumbing solutions are the preferred choice among fabricators, fitters and end-users equally for extended durability, a wide range of options and apparent value for money. The company offers products for all types of plumbing requirements across sectors. Just to name a few,

  • cPVC pipes and fittings
  • uPVC pipes and fittings
  • Borewell and column pipes
  • Agricultural pipes & fittings
  • PERT pipes and fittings

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