Top advantages of industrial uses of UPVC pipes: views from experts

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Top advantages of industrial uses of UPVC pipes: views from experts

Industrial plumbing is a different ball game. Every project differs in terms of scope and requirements. The margin of error is negligible if not zero. You always work under tremendous pressure to deliver mission-critical plumbing systems that survive stress and perform without causing disruptions or frequent downtimes. Industrial plumbing designers always prefer using UPVC pipes and fittings, from carrying water to removing industrial effluents.

From our interaction with engineers managing industrial constructions, we have shortlisted the top advantages of UPVC pipes for industrial uses.

What are UPVC pipes?

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride or uPVC is a rigid polymer, best suitable for manufacturing sturdy plumbing pipes and fittings. Unlike regular PVC, unplasticised PVC does not contain BPA and phthalates, making them extra tough. That’s the reason uPVC is popularly also known as rigid plastic. These pipes are suitable for a wide variety of industrial uses.

Benefits of UPVC pipes in industrial plumbing

    • Durable under excess stress

- UPVC pipes and fittings offer better durability and longevity, even under extra stress. So, you can use these pipes for all types of industrial purposes.

    • Sturdy and low maintenance

- Unplasticised PVC is less porous as a material. It increases pipe strength and reduces maintenance requirements.

    • Water safety

- Lead-free UPVC is safe for carrying drinking water and water for other human usages. So, you can use these pipes in the health and hospitality businesses without any risk of water contamination.

    • Low sedimentation

- UPVC pipes designed for industrial uses are less prone to sedimentation. It ensures negligible reduction in the cross-sectional area over long term use; and allows better flow consistently.

    • Self-extinguishing, better fire safety

- UPVC is a self-extinguishing material. In industrial uses, UPVC pipes and fittings allow essential fire safety.

    • Best value for money

- Highly economic UPVC plumbing pipes and fittings reduce the initial ownership costs, whether small, medium or large projects. Lower maintenance requirement also reduces ownership costs over pipes’ lifecycle.

Choosing Ori-Plast UPVC pipes

Are you looking for the best UPVC pipes for your factory? You should choose Ori-Plast. They are one of the top UPVC pipes manufacturers in India. All-weather, UV-resistant Ori-Plast UPVC pipes are especially suitable for outdoor plumbing works exposed to heat and sunlight. Ori-Plast heavy-duty solvent cement allows quicker, leak-proof jointing of pipes and fittings.


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