Ori-Plast is a household name. Which is the one initiative adopted by the Company which you can say that sets it apart?

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It is about being an early adopter. Ori-Plast is a household name today because we have been early adopters of the latest technologies in every process of our business, starting from designing, manufacturing, distribution to pre and post-sales customer servicing.

We are the pioneers in manufacturing PVC and HDPE piping solutions in India. We continue to innovate with PVC-O products, a specialized product segment targeted at the municipal space.

We have also been an early adopter of digital transactions and have supported our channel partners in becoming comfortable with digital payment gateways and mobile wallets.

This has propelled us to become a one-stop shop for all residential, commercial, municipal, industrial and agricultural needs for fluid handling and fluid-storage products and solutions.

In a dense industry like yours, how have you innovated to stay ahead of the curve?

I would say that we have been market leaders by providing end-to-end fluid handling and storage product solutions to its customers.

We are a solution-oriented company. The idea behind such a position is to better satisfy the customer through a single-window rather than have her go from one supplier to another to comprehensively meet all requirements.

What is the core offering of the Company?

We offer awe-inspiring fluid handling and fluid-storage product baskets of wide varieties, manufactured with the best quality materials and following the highest quality standards. Our products are competitively priced and supported by superb pre & post-sales services.

Take us back to the genesis of the Company to where it is today.

Ori-Plast is an over 5-decade old enterprise and a pioneering leader in PVC & PE pipes, fittings & allied items in Eastern India. The Company was founded by a visionary entrepreneur Mr. S. R. Agarwal, in 1965.

Headquartered in Kolkata, the Company is one of the largest PVC pipe manufacturers with four state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities at Balasore in Odisha, Behror in Rajasthan, Bagnan & Sankrail in West Bengal.

With “Life Line … not just Pipe Lines” as the corporate motto, Ori-Plast offers unsurpassed quality and superior features, increasing durability, improving performance, and facilitating ease of installation of products–providing enhanced value for end-customers and installers.

By being innovative and quality conscious, Ori-Plast distinguishes itself from other generic plumbing products manufacturers through an in-built culture of holistic customer care.

Any entrepreneurial journey is challenging. How have you overcome obstacles?

Yes. There have been many challenges, but we have faced them with fortitude and thought out-of-the-box to ensure that we overcome them.

For example, initially, we had a limited vendor ecosystem. We mitigated this by sourcing domestically and from abroad and also through handholding and development of smaller ancillary units.

Then, we have constantly adopted global best practices and evolved in an increasingly dynamic statutory and regulatory environment.

Also, consumer preferences can change fast and are much influenced by many different factors. We keep up by upgrading our technologies and processes. Moreover, our customer engagement initiatives aim at understanding the wants of customers across industries, which further guides us in developing products to fulfill not only present demand, but innovate to cater to future needs as well.

What makes the Company stand out?

It would definitely be our ability to innovate. We have been innovating ever since our inception. We have created new segments in the space of plastic piping for water, PE piping for gas, and PVC-O products, a specialized product targeted at the municipal space.

A culture of continuous innovation has created a reputation wherein our customers and channel partners trust us to give them world-class made-in-India products.

What is the roadmap for the future?

Over the next five years, we intend to replace metal piping with plastic piping and products wherever possible. We can turn the curse of the non-degradability of plastic into a virtue and make it the material of choice for durable products where longevity is needed and appreciated. It would make plastic a greener alternative for other conventional materials being used.

Also, piping made of plastic for gas and other demanding applications is one of the several key areas where we see our future growth.

Overall, what are the special attributes or qualities of the Company?

In a nutshell, We offer competitively priced, global-standard quality in made-in-India products with unmatched customer servicing. Further, our R&D capabilities and the ability to adopt and transform through innovation sets us apart.


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