Leverage the benefits of using uPVC SWR Pipes

Leverage the benefits of using uPVC SWR Pipes

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Mr. Kumar is making his dream home. Being very particular about each and every minute detail of the construction, he is choosing the best materials for making the house. He is comparing between products and brands and then making the contractor get the same product. But, when it came to SWR pipe and SWR fittings for sewage, rainwater, and waste management, he was a bit confused between G.I. pipe and PVC pipe. The contractor suggested him to get G.I. SWR pipes, but he was not convinced. Though he was more inclined towards buying PVC SWR pipes, he decided to consult an expert, before making any final buying decision.

After meeting the expert, Mr. Kumar got to know that though his thought of choosing PVC SWR pipe and fittings over G.I. pipes was good, there is a material that is even better than PVC, i.e., uPVC. The expert explained to him that, though for a layman, it is tough to differentiate between PVC and uPVC, but in easy terms, PVC contains plasticizers such as BPA and phthalates and these make them more bendable, whereas, uPVC is free of these plasticizers, hence, it assumes a hard texture like cast-iron pipes. Therefore, he stated, uPVC pipes and fittings are better options for SWR management.

He also explained the benefits of using uPVC SWR pipes and fittings.


SWR pipes are installed outside a building and are exposed to nature. So, SWR pipes must be strong. uPVC is a tough material and thus assures this strength to SWR pipes. They are leakproof and scratch-proof.


SWR pipes must be durable, as, on average, a building stands along for at least 50 years. After all, you don’t want to reinstall your house’s SWR pipes frequently. The life span of a uPVC pipe is 50 years with zero to minimal maintenance.


One of the biggest advantages of uPVC pipes is, they are lightweight, and hence, transportation and installation are easier and cheaper, in comparison to G.I. pipes.

Corrosion & chemical resistant

uPVC SWR pipes are corrosion resistant and chemical resistant. This is a big advantage, as SWR pipes are exposed to rainwater, dust, and domestic chemicals. These characteristics ensure longevity.

Hot & cold water channeling

uPVC pipes can channel both hot and cold water and can bear a temperature of up to 60 ° C.

Fire resistant

uPVC pipes are non-flammable and don’t continue to burn without an external source of ignition.


SWR pipes are cost-effective as the pipes ensure lower installation, maintenance, and capital costs when compared to other piping systems. The lightweight pipes are easy to install, which in turn reduces installation, handling, and transportation costs. The durability of the SWR pipes also ensures efficiency, thereby making it economical over other materials.

The expert suggested Mr. Gupta to use Ori-Plast’s SWR pipes and fittings, as they are IS 13592:1992 and IS 15328 certified. These are the highest national standards. Ori-Plast is one of the largest uPVC SWR pipes and fittings manufacturers of India, and their products can be trusted.


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