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Top innovative bath fittings in 2023 

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When it comes to futuristic bathrooms, there are so many options available in the market. And with the advancement of technology and modern design trends in houses, everyone knows It’s always evolving. Let’s deep dive into this and see some of the most innovative bath fittings that will revolutionize the way we experience our homes. From smart toilets to customizable showerheads, these fittings will add style and luxury to your bathroom.   

Top 10 innovative bath fittings in 2023 


Smart Toilets

  When it’s come to the smart toilet, We all know it is one of the most innovative bathroom fittings to come out in recent years. They offer a range of features such as automatic lid opening, heated seats, built-in bidet, and self-cleaning options, but they are also user-friendly. They have voice-activated commands, you can control the various features of the toilet without even touching it. Yeah I know it sounds so cool, right?  Smart toilets are also designed to be like this, also these are the most luxurious addition to your bathroom you can experience right now.


LED Mirrors


LED mirrors are a wonderful way to jazz up your bathroom with both flair and function. The LED lights integrated into these mirrors offer just the right amount of illumination for your makeup routine or shaving needs. But that's not all! Some of these mirrors even come with Bluetooth speakers and anti-fog technology, making them the ultimate bathroom upgrade. Trust us, you won't want to go back to your old mirror once you've experienced the magic of an LED mirror.


Digital Showers


Another cutting-edge bathroom fixture that is gaining favor is the digital shower. You can regulate the shower's temperature, water flow, and pressure via a digital display. Even better, you can keep your favorite settings for a consistently tailored showering experience. This is a convenient addition that also conserves water, making it a green choice.


Touchless Faucets


For anyone who wants to preserve hygiene and minimize water waste, touchless faucets are ideal. Motion sensors enable hands-free water flow management, which is a fantastic alternative for households with young children or elderly relatives. Moreover, touchless faucets come in a variety of styles and patterns, making it simple to pick one that complements the aesthetic of your bathroom.


High-Tech Showerheads


High-tech showerheads should be purchased by anyone who likes taking luxurious showers. Because they have adjustable water flow, spray patterns, and even scents, these showerheads are improving the showering experience. It's straightforward to create the ideal ambiance in your bathroom thanks to some models' mood lighting and Bluetooth speakers.


Chromotherapy Tubs


If you want to create a spa-like atmosphere in your house, chromotherapy tubs are ideal. To provide a soothing and therapeutic environment while you soak in the tub, these tubs use colorful LED lights. Your bath experience can be tailored to fit your mood thanks to the option to adjust colors and intensity.


Waterproof TVs


A waterproof TV is the ideal bathtub accessory if you enjoy watching your beloved programmes or movies while having a bath. These Televisions are made specifically to resist precipitation and moisture, so you can watch television without worrying. Some even have built-in speakers, making it simple to watch your preferred television programmes or flicks while unwinding in the tub.


Heated Towel Rails


Towels can be kept warm and comfortable for your upcoming use on heated towel racks. These racks are the ideal luxury bathroom accessory because they not only dry your towels but also keep them warm. Finding one that complements your bathroom's décor is simple thanks to the variety of styles and designs accessible.


Bluetooth Speakers


Bathroom accessories like Bluetooth speakers are growing in popularity. When getting dressed in the morning, you may listen to your favorite music or podcast thanks to alternatives that are waterproof and shockproof. To change music or alter the level without touching your smartphone, some even include voice-activated controls.


Automatic Soap Dispensers


Automatic soap dispensers are ideal. These soap dispensers with motion sensors distribute soap without making physical touch, which stops the transmission of germs. It is simple to choose one that meets your preferences because they come in a variety of patterns and styles.



Investing in innovative bath fittings is a terrific way to make your bathroom a contemporary and opulent setting. There are many solutions available to fit your taste and needs, from waterproof Televisions to smart toilets. If you are looking for an upgrade  for your  bathroom check out Oriplast bath fittings  also visit our Facebook Page for more informative content 



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