PVC Plastic Pipes for Plumbing - The Best Alternatives to Traditional Pipes

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Have you ever wondered the difference between traditional pipes and PVC pipes? Or do you want to know more about the benefits of using plastic pipes? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will discuss the fundamental differences between PVC pipes and traditional pipes and what makes PVC the best choice of material for plumbing applications.

Increasing demand for reliable plumbing systems

As cities are expanding and the population is growing, so does the demand for a reliable supply of good quality water. That’s why water supply piping networks worldwide are expanding at an exponential rate. Initial capital investments for building new water-supply networks, whether residential, irrigational or industrial, are expensive and deserve judicious project planning, execution and monitoring. The cost of pipes and fittings makes up a significant portion of any plumbing project budget. Unreliable pipes also increase the need for recurring maintenance, inflating overall project ownership costs.

Besides, old and leaky plumbing networks may also lead to an unsafe water supply. Furthermore, they are maintenance-intensive and often stick out as an eyesore in an otherwise modern, renovated building. The solution is to replace old plumbing infrastructure with better, reliable, value for money alternatives like PVC plumbing pipes and PVC plumbing fittings. There are endless advantages to choosing modern PVC plumbing products and solutions.

What are PVC Plastic Pipes?

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a synthetic plastic derived from petroleum. It is a food-safe plastic that can be used in various applications, including municipal, home, commercial water supply and drainage systems. Agricultural and industrial plumbing also have extensive use of PVC pipes, PVC plumbing parts and fixtures. As a material, PVC is durable yet lightweight; depending on polymerisation, PVC can be made highly rigid (for example, uPVC) or flexible (for instance, cPVC ). Such a wide range of material characteristics makes PVC versatile compared to traditional metal alternatives.

Pros of Using PVC Plastic Pipes

We have shortlisted the top THREE advantages of PVC as piping material.

Environmentally-friendly - PVC plastic pipes are non-toxic, recyclable and require less energy to manufacture compared to metals. Long durability requires less replacement of pipes and fittings. So, PVC pipe systems are more sustainable. No rust, no corrosion - Unlike metal pipes, PVC pipes do not corrode or get rust even when exposed to harsh chemicals and minerals in the water. So, owners do not need to regularly clean and maintain PVC plumbing pipe systems for an uninterrupted water supply. Besides, PVC is a highly suitable material for plumbing systems that require laying pipes underground outside regular human observation. Value for money - PVC plumbing pipes and fittings are easy to transport, handle and install. As a result, ownership cost over the lifecycle of any top quality PVC pipe system is cheaper than traditional piping alternatives.

Cons of Using PVC Plastic Pipes

Despite numerous advantages of PVC plastic pipes for plumbing, experienced plumbers often point out a couple of factors that we should be aware of while choosing PVC pipes.

Choosing the correct variant of PVC pipes - PVC is thermoplastic with several variants like uPVC, cPVC and PVC-P, having specific characteristics. Each of them has particular piping applications. For example, rigid uPVC is suitable for the outer casing, main water supply and other piping systems requiring structural strength, while cPVC is perfect for carrying hot and cold water.

Manufacturing quality and product finish - Manufacturing PVC pipes and fittings requires maintaining high-quality standards in terms of materials, technologies and final finishing of manufactured products. Generic PVC pipes and plumbing connectors may not assure compliance with stringent quality standards. Reputed and branded PVC manufacturers like Ori-Plast offer the best return on your investment.

Pre & Post-sales services - Customer services are essential at every stage of your project, from planning to completion. You should choose PVC pipes manufacturers with reliable track records in customer servicing.

PVC Pipes for Plumbing - The Final Verdict

If you are looking for a perfect alternative to traditional GI pipes, copper pipes or concrete pipes for your plumbing project, PVC is the ideal choice. Ori-Plast has been in the business of manufacturing PVC, cPVC, uPVC, LLDPE plumbing parts, products and solutions for over four decades and is recognised for our commitment to quality and value for money. So, call us. Our customer service team will be delighted to help you.


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