Oriplast, The top Among the Top PVC Pipe Suppliers

After learning that nearly 66% of homeowners rely on PVC pipes for their household water supply and about 75% for their sanitary applications, Mr. Mehta decided to research more about PVC pipes and PVC pipe suppliers. He visited local markets, asked for word-of-the-mouth recommendations, and searched all over the internet for the same. And, in the end, what he found was – the majority of households, as well as commercial buildings, trust Ori-Plast as their wholesale PVC pipe suppliers.

Ori-Plast, the Best Wholesale PVC Pipe Suppliers

Ori-Plast is the leading pipe manufacturer and plastic pipe suppliers in India with a demonstrated history of more than 50-years in making world-class PVC &PE Pipes and fittings. Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, our manufacturing units span across the country, including Odisha, Rajasthan, and Raipur, among others. We take pride in providing our customers with unequaled quality and best-in-class features.

PVC Pipe Suppliers: A Quick Introduction About PVC Pipes

As far as water supply and drainage are concerned, PVC pipes make the best choice. PVC or polyvinyl chloride pipes and fittings, owing to their durability, strength, cost-effectiveness, and easy-to-install properties, are widely used all over the world. And it is fast replacing the other piping materials for obvious reasons. There are two variants of the PVC pipes – uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) and CPVC (Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride).

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Quality Standards and Specifications With the Best PVC Pipe Suppliers

All our pipes and fittings are manufactured adhering to national and international quality standards. It includes – ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) D2241, ASTM D3034, ASTM F1336, ASTM F1483, ASTM F1803, ASTM F679, ASTM F794, ASTM F949, AWWA (American Water Works Association) C900, AWWA C907, FM (Factory Mutual) 1612, and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) 1285

Features and Benefits You Get With the Leading Slotted PVC Pipe Suppliers

Here are the best features and benefits of PVC pipes:

  • PVC pipes are odorless and therefore suitable for carrying drinking water.
  • PVC pipes are highly corrosion-resistant. Thus, these piping solutions are safe and durable.
  • These pipes come with outstanding resistance to chemicals, such as acids and alkalis, domestic effluents, etc.
  • Ori-Plast PVC pipes come equipped with self-extinguishing quality.
  • As the inner surface of PVC pipes are smooth, these offer better flow in comparison to other piping solutions.
  • These are lightweight and, therefore, easy to transport and install. These qualities make PVC pipes highly economical.

Quality & Certifications You Get With Premium PVC Duct Pipe Suppliers

At Ori-Plast, we do not compromise on quality. All our products are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Also, we are an approved vendor with the Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC). These are the benchmarks of our quality and trustworthiness.

Why Ori-Plast?

Ori-Plast is not only the most trusted PVC pipe manufacturer and supplier in India but also a household name. Be it piping solutions or water storage products, our happy customer-base says it all. And not only residential, but we have also been delivering quality and trust to our commercial and agricultural customers.

When it comes to Ori-Plast, the highest international standards and affordability go hand-in-hand. No wonder you love the name so much.

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