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How to Choose the Right Borewell Motor Pipes

Borewells are the most reliable and effective source of water for irrigation, residential and industrial use. It is no wonder that millions of people in India depend on borewell-sourced water in everyday life. The popularity of borewells has grown so much in the last couple of decades that it is now the second most popular water source in urban and semi-urban areas. A typical borewell consists of

  • Bore cap
  • Borewell screen filter
  • Submersible motor
  • Borewell casing pipes
  • Bore motor pipe
  • Electricity cable

However, the quality of borewell motor pipes is significant for the operational efficiency of any borewell. Various types of PVC pipes, including flexible HDPE pipes, can be used as motor pipes in borewells; however, long and rigid uPVC column pipes are becoming the go-to choice as submersible pump pipes for expert borewell fabricators. Ori-Plast has an excellent line of borewell motor pipes in different diameters and lengths for various borewell applications.

What to look for in suitable borewell motor pipes?

Many factors can help you to find suitable borewell motor pipes. These factors include the depth of the soil, the type of the soil, the required flow of water and the number of people using the water. You need to identify your borewell motor pipes’ location, the distance between the water source, and the place where the water will enter the borewell motor pipes. Once you have these factors identified, you can start exploring the various borewell motor pipes available in the market.

Any motor pipes or column pipes for submersible borewell pumps should have the following qualities for operational ease in groundwater extraction.

  • Chemical resistance – It is common for groundwater to contain minerals and salts that often cause corrosion in column pipes carrying the water. It reduces pipe longevity and may also harm pump health. So, the material of choice for borewell motor pipes should be resistant to chemicals and electrochemical reactions.
  • Leak-proof joints – Borewell motor pipes should offer reliable joining and locking mechanisms to prevent seepage and contamination of water inside the pipe and ground soil. Improper threading and sub-standard material quality can also be the principal reasons behind leakages and seepages.
  • Maintenance-free durability – It is expensive to dig up, repair, clean and maintain bore motor pipes. Extracting groundwater at high pressure may often cause excessive stress on borewell column pipes along with heat and operational shocks. So, ideal column pipes must be sturdy and durable without regular maintenance and replacements.
  • Easy installation – Traditional borewell column pipes were heavyweight and costly to transport, handle and install. As a result, borewell project costs used to be significantly high. So, it is essential to choose lightweight borewell motor pipes without compromising material strength and rigidity.
  • Broader applicability – It is helpful to choose motor pipes that can also be used in other parts of borewell and borewell plumbing systems for scalability and cutting down project costs on customisation.

Why choose Ori-Plast UPVC Borewell Motor Pipes?

Different generic borewell motor pipes are available in the market; however, they do not commit to quality and competitive pricing. Ori-Plast PVC and UPVC column pipes are the perfect choice for various reasons.

So, are you planning to install a new borewell or give your old borewell reliable longevity? Don’t wait any further; start exploring Ori-Plast borewells products and solutions today! Call us. Our customer service representative will be delighted to serve you.



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