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Solvent bonding is a type of adhesive bonding used to join thermoplastic materials like PVC, UPVC, CPVC; the joining technique has revolutionised commercial plumbing making pipe installations a lot quicker and easier. Plastic pipe solvent cement usage is common today, whether laying new residential and industrial piping systems or refurbishing existing pipes. Depending on the molecular structures of the thermoplastic, the composition of the solvent cement differs. Take the example of PVC, UPVC and CPVC solvent cement products. Ori-Plast is a significant thermoplastic plumbing solution provider in India with a complete range of Polyvinyl pipes, fittings and polymer-specific solvent cement products. Our E-Z Weld CPVC solvent cement is the best choice CPVC bonding product for snap-on, quick fix, premium, high-pressure CPVC plumbing systems.

Why is choosing the proper solvent cement important?

Choosing the right type and quality of solvent cement is essential for the durability and longevity of piping systems. The best quality solvent CPVC cement products offer,

  • Easy installation
  • Leakage-free operations
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Zero contamination
  • Superb longevity

Cheap unbranded, generic solvent cement products can save a few dimes but cost a lot more in the long term making your plumbing system vulnerable to regular malfunctioning. In comparison, Ori-Plast E-Z Weld CPVC pipe solvent cement is affordable and unmatched in quality.

How does CPVC pipe solvent work?

Solvent bonding differs from regular adhesive bonding. When applied to a polymer surface (pipes and fittings), solvent cement softens the polymer and causes interdiffusion between the two adjacent polymer surfaces. Once the solvent molecules dry up, the two separate, adjoining polymer surfaces turn into a consolidated single polymer substrate. Unlike regular adhesives, solvent cement does not remain as a separate additional layer of adhesive material. CPVC solvent cement is a chemical used to join CPVC pipes. However, irrespective of the polymer, all thermoplastic solvent cement act similarly.

This type of joining is common in modern commercial plumbing as it is solid, inexpensive and doesn’t require special tools or skills to install. CPVC solvent cement comprises three parts:

The solvent usually comprises acetone, and the activator can be either an acid or an aliphatic hydrocarbon. Together these three components create the solvent bonding of CPVC pipes and fittings.

Ori-Plast CPVC solvent cement comes in standard packs. Call us for E-Z Weld CPVC solvent 118 ml price and other E-Z Weld SKUs.



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