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CPVC couplings are an absolute staple in residential and industrial piping applications as the versatility of CPVC pipes and fittings makes them highly desirable for any type of plumbing job. You will find many branded and generic CPVC couplings of different functions, sizes, finishes, and material quality in the market. You should never compromise on the coupling quality. CPVC couplings manufactured with sub-standard material and machinery can seriously hamper the functionality of your plumbing setup. Professional plumbers and customers trust Ori-Plast brand for the best quality CPVC fittings. Our CPVC coupling prices are competitive and affordable for all project sizes.

Advantages of CPVC couplings

Couplers or couplings are simple, inexpensive connectors that can join two different pipes (for example, PVC to CPVC coupling) or join pipes to fittings. You can also use couplings as reducers for connecting pipes of various sizes. Depending on the functional usages, CPVC couplings can be of FIVE types:

  • Full coupling-connects small-bore polyvinyl pipes of full sizes.
  • Half coupling-connects small-bore pipes of half sizes; sometimes designed with socket (thread) on one side of the coupling.
  • Reducing coupling-connects two pipes of different diameters; small to large pipes and vice versa.
  • Compression coupling-types of connector tees used to prevent leakage with compression nuts and rings.
  • Slip coupling-used to repair a leak or burst PVC pipe.

As a simple, inexpensive PVC pipe connector, CPVC couplers offer various ADVANTAGES like,

  • Resistance to corrosion ,biocontamination from mould, fungus, bacteria, and other microbes.
  • Available in various sizes for installing a comprehensive range of PVC and CPVC pipes.
  • Easy and quick to install as CPVC couplings can be glued without specialised tools and expertise.
  • They are lightweight and do not significantly increase the overall weight of a piping system.

Ori-Plast CPVC coupling sizes

We offer all types of CPVC couplings in standard and non-standard sizes like 1 inch CPVC coupling and 2 inch CPVC coupling. Whichever be your plumbing applications, we have PVC and CPVC pipe couplers for your needs. The quality of our CPVC couplers is compliant with international standard ASTM D 2846 for the best material strength, product finish and ease of installation.

Our expert representatives and distribution network can support you in choosing the correct couplings for your plumbing applications. Call us for the latest list of CPVCcpvc coupling prices.



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