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Choosing the right plumbing solution depends on factors like climatic condition, dissolved minerals in the water, types of fluids to be conveyed. Every type of plumbing pipe and fittings has its advantages and limitations. The best value from any plumbing system depends on the individual choices like suitable piping material, types of joints/connectors and overall design of the system. For example, CPVC brass elbows are plumbing connectors with specific utilities. Ori-Plast CPVC brass fittings are one of the top-quality connectors in the market, if not the best.

What is CPVC brass elbow?

CPVC Brass Elbows are round fittings used in plumbing and construction to connect cPVC pipes to fixtures or other types of pipes. The inner layer is made of brass, and the outer part is Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride or CPVC, offering advantages of both materials.

  • Brass is highly non-reactive to alkaline compounds. So, it is suitable for conveying non-acidic fluid (like hard water).
  • The smoothness of the inner brass surface makes it easy to clean, resist corrosion and deposition.
  • Brass offers tolerance to a wide range of temperature fluctuations, making CPVC brass elbows and connectors suitable for hot and cold water supplies.
  • CPVC is a thermoplastic with excellent resistance to corrosion from most of the chemicals and has good flexural and compressive strength.
  • CPVC Brass fittings are perfectly suitable for carrying non-acidic industrial effluents.

Advantages of Ori-Plast CPVC Brass elbows and fittings:

  • Made with the best quality CPVC and Brass materials for extremely reliable durability.
  • Precision design and manufacturing allows flawless CPVC brass fittings with zero manufacturing errors.
  • Good corrosion resistance and structural sturdiness are suitable for maintenance-free or low maintenance longevity.
  • The best quality CPVC Brass elbow priced competitively is excellent for value for money.
  • Ori-Plast CPVC Brass connectors are resistant to stress cracking in long-term use. It makes the material suitable for fittings that experience high internal pressure, such as quick-connect couplings, pipe fittings and valves.

Ori-Plast CPVC Brass Elbows can be used for all kinds of plumbing and industrial purposes such as recreational water supply, hot and cold water supply, wastewater piping, hydronic heating and gas piping systems for cooking appliances such as ovens and ranges.

So, what types of piping and connectors does your project require? Call or mail us for the latest quotation on Ori-Plast CPVC Brass fittings.



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    Got rid of the dripping faucets. These taps from Oriplast are great.

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    I had to buy a new tank for my house as our previous tank had a gap in its lid section. Finding insects and dead mice became a routine. So this time I tried to be extra careful about buying a tank with a perfectly fitting lid. I found it at Oriplast. Have been using it for a year without issues. Good stuff.

    Aritra Chatterjee

    The tank that I bought from Oriplast is strengthy. Good tank at reasonable price. I would recommend it.

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